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Taking it to the Streets

Remember that old episode of The Office where the super square Michael Scott staged a one-man dance party by his lonesome to the groovy Rose Royce track “At the Car Wash”? Multiply that scene by 1,000 (and place it in the streets of downtown Phoenix on a chilly winter night), and you’ll get an inkling of what the Decentralized Dance Party will be like when it invades the Valley this week.

Created by a pair of Vancouver party animals who simply go by the names Tom and Gary, the traveling event involves a massive mob of costumed characters staging a gargantuan and goofy mobile party through the streets of an urban area. Meanwhile, a soundtrack of energetic electronica, pop music, and dance tracks are broadcast from a backpack transmitter to hundreds of ghetto blasters and boomboxes dispersed throughout the crowd.

Tom and Gary have brought DDP’s “Party Safari” tour to cities throughout Canada and will invade Phoenix on the evening of Wednesday, January 4, as a part of their current “Strictly Business” tour. The starting time and location won’t be announced until the day of the event via their Twitter and Facebook.

Wed., Jan. 4, 8 p.m., 2012


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