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Tales from the Underground

Erin Peters spent many an unforgettable evening at the old Nile Basement back in the day. Ask her about some of her favorite shows she witnessed at the bygone Mesa live music spot, and the 29-year-old concert promoter rattles off names like Rise Against and Tsunami Bomb. “I saw so many cool bands there,” Peters says. “It was an important place and a Mecca for great shows.”

You ain’t lying, Erin. Before its untimely closure in 2002, the underground venue (which was located below the equally-unforgettable Nile Theatre) was a hotspot for Valley music fans to catch such big-time rock and punk acts as The Queers and Dystopia.

Peters and the other cats of the Mantooth Group are hoping to reincarnate the spirit of the Nile Basement when they re-open the space as The Underground on Friday, February 19. The grand-opening party features such locals as This Century, Crash Coordinates, and Austin Gibbs.

Fri., Feb. 19, 6:30 p.m., 2010


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