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There’s no quicker way to have your grandmother fear for your eternal soul than to tell her you’ve rejected her religion. Let alone that you support gay marriage. Alternately, there’s no easier way to win friends than to agree with them. Humans are irrational, and we assume that just because someone holds the same beliefs as us, they’re smarter than someone who sees things differently. Together, you will circle jerk your ideas until you simply cannot agree with each other anymore.

But sometimes it’s fun to be challenged. Bring those taboo subjects not meant for polite conversation -- politics, religion, sexuality, race, and more -- to Convopartyaz, which aims to create a polite, positive environment where opinionated people can hash it all out. Could you possibly -- gasp! -- like someone who identifies as a liberal? Will you grow to understand pro-life policies? Talk it out this weekend.

Sat., April 28, 5 p.m., 2012


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