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Team Scream

Why are low-budget horror films loved? Because they’re less scary than the real horror of everyday life -- like Carrot Top and Fox News. Good thing for us, the Phoenix Fear Festival and Convention is serving up its third year of life’s more manageable monstrosities in a 13-hour long slaughter-fest featuring full-length films and shorts.

You can expect to see celebrity and musical guests with special appearances by directors and cast and members like Bárbara, the popcorn-munching, crotch-shooting, Barbie doll-collection murderess. “Do you know what’s wrong with the serial killer world? It’s full of sexism. But that . . . is over,” says the star of the Spanish horror/comedy Sexykiller.

Other films include the newest in torture porn, Shellter, and the pothead-meets-puppet panic picture Trippin’. Copious violence, gratuitous nudity, and bad-dubbing continue in shorts like Bloody Daisies, Neon Killer and Three Days Later – Jesus Christ, Zombie Lord.

Sat., Jan. 23, noon-1 a.m., 2010


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