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Tempo Tantrum

Phoenix Suns’ fans can expect to feel a little déjà vu when watching the 2010-11 Denver Nuggets, a team led by an aging point guard (Chauncey Billups) who pushes a fast tempo in spite of his advanced age. They also run their offense through a high-scoring forward (Carmelo Anthony) who’s been at the center of seemingly every trade rumor in the NBA.

There’s one other important factoid: The Nuggets have, perhaps surprisingly, gotten off to a pretty good start this season. Which means they’re essentially the 2009 Phoenix Suns.

If you’re looking for a nostalgia trip, head to US Airways Center, where the Suns host the Nuggets. Due to their similar styles, the two squads usually put on high-scoring games. With the season young and both teams still fresh, there’s not much reason to think that this match-up will be any different.

Mon., Nov. 15, 7 p.m., 2010


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