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That '70s Art Show

It’s hard to say what defined the ‘70s. The Vietnam War? Swingers? Saturday Night Fever? According to artist David van Alphen, it’s more than that.

“People associate disco with the ‘70s, but I think it is only a small part,” says Alphen, who makes colorful collages featuring retro radios and 8-track players superimposed on the heads of hip couples in polyester rags.

Catch van Alphen’s latest montages during a Third Friday reception for his “Welcome to Netherland” exhibit at Perihelion Arts. Viewers adore the funky images van Alphen hand-cuts from old Playboy magazine ads, but they’re equally attracted to his vintage prices. “I’d rather sell everything for a little less than raise the price and only sell a few,” he says. “In the end, you end up making around the same amount, but you have your artwork in twice as many homes.”

Fri., June 19, 6-10 p.m., 2009


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