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The Abominable Showman

No matter that comedian Louis C.K. has an Emmy on his mantel or that Comedy Central ranked him as one of the "100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time." Unless he discovers a cure for cancer, Pootie Tang will be his legacy. The Chris Rock pal wrote and directed the 2001 blaxpoitation parody that The Onion A.V. Club said "borders on audience abuse" and that Roger Ebert awarded 0.5 stars. Anyone who squirmed through the stinker knows that Ebert and the scallion-eaters are too kind. Then again, the flick did feature Rock, and it's gained pop-cult cachet in the way that certain foul films inexplicably do.

Despite Pootie, C.K.'s got some foul-mouthed, nasty-ass cachet of his own, and he brings it to the Tempe Improv.


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