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The Bear Necessities

Hey princess, your lumberjack prefers camping and shooting targets to your expensive dinners and satin gloves, but still makes time to pull out your chair? Well, love is a two-way street, sister, so adjust your tiara and sign up for the "Introduction to the Great Outdoors - Diva Style" event at Cabela's, the world's foremost outfitter.

A "hands-on day of fun" for the fairer sex includes a picnic-style lunch and featured keynote speaker Debbie Ferns, the author of Babes With Bullets. Now you may be squeamish at the thought of a firearm in your tender grip, but on her Web site video, Ferns, who never picked up a piece until she was 45, says, "Going to the shooting range should be a fun adventure instead of a dreaded event for us gals." Now all you have to worry about is bears.

Sat., Aug. 15, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., 2009


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