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The Coolio World

Most of us know one: a clever 20-something who dresses exclusively in vintage clothing, listens to big-band music, and is obsessed with Joan Leslie films. And now, playwright Kim Porter has written a musical about these roadster-driving coolios.

Blue Galaxy concerns lovely Lana, who wants desperately to find romance with a like-minded hipster who doesn’t care that she’s obese. When she does meet a guy who likes her, he’s not a faux hepcat at all. Does he stand a chance? Will Lana’s crummy self-esteem wreck her chances at true love?

Porter’s sexually explicit musical romance will be performed as part of the New Play Series at Theatre Artists Studio. The performance will be followed by a round of audience feedback and a discussion with the playwright.

Tue., Oct. 20, 7 p.m., 2009


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