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The Fringe Connection

You wanna see Bill Shatner? Turn on Boston Legal. We prefer pop-cultural sci-fi icons who aren’t quite so, uh, iconic, and this year’s Phoenix Comicon will dish out a heaping helping of special guests from the pop-cult fringe. These include Richard LeParmentier, the Death Star Commander in the original Star Wars who’s best known as the recipient of Darth Vader’s first “Force Choke”; the Star Trek: The Next Generation triad of Data (Brent Spiner), Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), and Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton); Noel Neill, Lois Lane on the 1950s TV series The Adventures of Superman; the smart-’n’-sassy Erin Gray from the late-’70s series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; and Aaron Douglas, Chief Tyrol/Final Five Cylon on Ronald Moore’s kick-major-cheek “reimagining” of Battlestar Galactica.

The Comicon also features a full slate of anime/comic book/gaming/horror activities.

Thu., Jan. 22; Fri., Jan. 23; Sat., Jan. 24; Sun., Jan. 25, 2009


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