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The Glitch Mob

Clubbers, beware! Something wicked this way comes — an alien hybrid built out of the DNA of hip-hop, electro, jungle and glitch, fused together via DSP wizardry and masterful laptop skills. With bowel-rupturing sub-bass, teeth-rattling beats and mind-bending cuts, edits and processing, it's the aural equivalent of an industrial-strength cleanser: caustic and abrasive, but sure to leave you feeling fresh if you survive the scrubbing. This beast has been identified as the spawn of the Glitch Mob, a group of three seriously deranged beat scientists with a taste for the bizarre and a predilection for blowing up dance floors wherever they go. If you sight these miscreants -- say, Tuesday, June 28, at the Venue Scottsdale -- do not attempt to apprehend them. Instead, simply signal the authorities and remove yourself to a safe distance. Close contact can be dangerous, as it has been known to trigger irresistible rhythmic movements and may be habit-forming. Should you allow your body to jack to their funky, fucked-up, future sound, you may not be able to stop.
Tue., June 28, 9 p.m., 2011


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