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The Hypo Twins

On the band's MySpace page, The Hypo Twins eloquently describe their particular brand of rock as "disco party scum rock." If that gem of information doesn't inspire you to give their music a listen, I'm not sure what will. Not to mention that the band's description is not too far off the mark. The Scottsdale-based trio (lead singer Michael Loy, guitarist Jimi Johnson, and bassist Matt Brunsvold) are prototypical rock stars, in both image and music. Their songs are loud, fast, and heavy on guitars. What more could you ask for from a rock 'n' roll group? The group has built themselves a small but loyal fan base locally and nationally, thanks in large part to its loud, high-energy shows. The Hypo Twins have become something like regulars at the legendary L.A. music venue The Viper Room, where the band fits in quite nicely. The trio performs regularly in support of their four-track EP, It's Showtime, which was recently released on the independent label American Voodoo Records.
Wed., April 7, 2010


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