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The Looking Glass

It's not the bushy hair and the over-sized eyeglasses that engulf his face. His unmistakable voice is what makes Ira Glass instantly recognizable. The deliberate, thoughtful inflection of the 53-year-old producer and host of one of the nation's most beloved radio programs, This American Life, has captivated millions week in and week out with those “unexpected stories that happen to be true,” since 1995.

Having received every accolade imaginable and virtually every broadcasting award under the airwaves, and aided by his immutable black frames, Glass has set his sights on touring in recent years. Using taped excerpts, live music, and some of his own ruminating, Glass brings a live, behind the scenes look at TAL's compelling and innovative storytelling approach. Reinventing Radio: An Evening with Ira Glass comes to the Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts.

Sat., Jan. 19, 8 p.m., 2013


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