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The Pixies

Frank Black thinks you shouldn't trust a single word I write about either him or The Pixies. The venerable frontman of the equally venerable alt-rock band has had a contentious and distrustful relationship with music scribes, as demonstrated by his declaration that most band interviews "are mangled and even have made-up stuff in them." So, in order to prove to Mr. Black Francis that my ink-slinging ilk and I aren't liars and spin doctors, here are a few cold, hard facts about The Pixies and their current tour: First, the tour celebrates the 20th anniversary of Doolittle and offers a set list that will feature every song from their groundbreaking 1989 album played in the exact order that's on the disc (bookended by B-sides and other odds and sods). Second, choosing to fete said album in its entirety is a masterstroke, considering how it defined the band's "loud quiet loud" dynamic and became influential over two decades, from the alt-rockers of the '90s to present-day indie acts. It's also certain that you'll see representatives of both generations at their Mesa Amphitheatre show, be they aging hipsters or tweeners who were embryos when the record hit shelves. No concert by reunited legends would be complete without a rendition of their big hit, so rest assured you'll be also singing "Where Is My Mind" along with mallrats and scenester kids. And that's a fact.
Fri., Sept. 24, 5:30 p.m., 2010


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