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The Prints and the Paupers

If you thought Sarah Palin’s new memoir was only good for kindling or toilet paper, think again.

A first edition of Darwin’s The Origin of the Species netted 35,000 pounds at auction. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles No. 1 is worth more than four grand. So when everyone else inevitably tosses his/her copy of Going Rogue, yours might be worth a mint. Uh-huh.

Or you could go the safe route and invest in a handmade, limited-edition book at the “From the Penthouse to the Basement” exhibit at Arizona State University’s Harry Wood Gallery, located in the School of Art building at the intersection of Forest and Tyler malls on the Tempe campus. The title of the show refers to the locations of the two art clubs whose works are featured: ABBA (A Buncha Book Artists) and ASU’s Printmaking Student Association. “Most of the printmaking in the art building is done on the top floor [the penthouse], and most of the bookmaking is done in the basement,” says ABBA president Jacob Meders.

Guess we know who drew the short straw.

Mondays-Fridays. Starts: Nov. 16. Continues through Dec. 4, 2009


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