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The Small Picture

Why do Americans insist on everything being so BIG? Supersize trucks. Get-fat-as-soon-as-possible fast-food meal deals. Big-box stores. Whether purchasing an Escalade or sucking down a 64-ounce Thirstbuster, bigger is considered better. Unless you’re talkin’ about chicks. Right, bro?

If you’re sick of being told to “think big,” “bigger is better,” or “look at the big picture,” then you will, no doubt, find the wee works in the “It’s a Small World” exhibit, by local arists Keith Stanton and Ernie Button, refreshing. Stanton depicts various aspects of suburban life through tiny scenes composed of thrifted materials, including miniature figures, furniture, and surrounding décor. Button juxtaposes bits of breakfast cereal into unexpected landscapes, creating adult-themed pieces such as Shredded Wheat Bales, in his “Cerealism” photography series.

Jan. 11-April 9, 2008


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