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The Suite Life

Remember the good ol' days, when area indie rock festivals were "Presented by Such-and-Such" or "The Such-and-Such Company's Festival/Throwdown/Party/Show"? That's apparently old and busted. The new hotness? Suitefest: Presented by Campus Suites.

How's that for branding, marketing majors?

I won't pretend to understand much about Tempe's Campus Suites student-oriented housing. I imagine it to be a lot like a dorm without an annoying RA trying to bust underage drinkers, but maybe that's waaaay off. However, I do know Black Carl, What Laura Says, A Life of Science and the other bands on the bill.

By the way, I'm using this occasion to officially introduce my answer to PCU's famed "Caine-Hackman Theory," which holds that at any given time there is a 100 percent statistical probability that a film starring either Michael Caine or Gene Hackman will be showing on television.

My thesis is called the "Black-Emperor-Says Theory" and hold that any any Phoenix-area indie rock festival there is a 100 percent probability that Emperors of Japan, Black Carl, and/or What Laura Says will be on the bill.

Sat., April 10, noon, 2010


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