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The Walkmen

A simple, straightforward, bullshit-free piece of work. That’s what Lisbon, The Walkmen’s upcoming album, sounds like. These post-punk rejectionists were formed in the muck and mayhem of the garage rock revival, along with a slew of other “the” bands – namely that quintet who were dubbed the saviors of rock: The Strokes. Both broke out with memorable singles early in their careers. The Strokes had “Last Nite” and, a little later, The Walkmen had “The Rat.” “Last Nite” is all apathy, a stumbling Julian Casablancas, and guitar riffs, while “The Rat” is pure rage, with Hamilton Leithauser pointedly sing-yelling “You’ve got a nerve.” That intensity opposed to the lethargy has carried into each band’s history, and is reflected in their output. Media worshipped The Strokes from day one, but The Walkmen built up an organic slow and steady momentum, like a drunkard preparing to slide off his barstool with whatever grace he can muster. The Strokes are reeling trying to finish up and deliver their fourth record of the past decade. Meanwhile, The Walkmen have finally slid off that proverbial barstool with Lisbon, their sixth record, and they’re walking steadily toward what’s been a long time coming.
Fri., Sept. 17, 8 p.m., 2010


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