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The White Stuff

What do Halloween, sweaters, and studying abroad have in common? They are, according to author and social commentator Christian Lander, “stuff white people like.”

Lander's blog of the same name ( launched a mini-revolution on the Internet by satirizing the interests of “left-leaning, city-dwelling white folk” who like ugly-sweater parties, having gay friends, and hummus. Launched a year ago this month, the blog, co-authored by Lander’s friend Myles Valentin, became an immediate hit, registering upward of 45 million hits in 2008, fostering a string of similar blogs (Stuff German People Like, Stuff Asian People Like), and garnering a six-figure deal for Lander’s book version of the popular blog.

On Tuesday, February 3, Lander visits Changing Hands Bookstore to read from the new book and explain why affluent, liberal, environmentally conscious white people like coed sports, kitchen gadgets, and Asian Fusion food.

Tue., Feb. 3, 7 p.m., 2009


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