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When you think of pop music, it’s probably not Adam and the Ants, Devo, or even the King of Pop that comes to mind. With so many soulless record-label monkeys watering it down today (sorry, Miley), it’s easy to forget that pop music actually extends far beyond what’s playing at the Gap.

Tempe-based band Whisperlights is a testament to the idea of good pop music. Incorporating less typical instruments like the electric violin and keyboard, the Whisperlights embodies a darker, heavier side of the genre that calls to mind acts like the Arcade Fire and the Walkmen.

Before the boys take off on their west coast tour, they’re throwing a killer bon-voyage bash at Yucca Tap Room.

Full Disclosure: DJ Babynose is a New Times freelancer.

Wed., June 30, 9 p.m., 2010


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