Toy Polloi

Who knew that Mr. Potato Head, the spud born of George Lerner's childhood imagination that Hasbro marketed to the masses in the ’50s, was the forerunner of a bright DIY future? These days, interchangeable plastic features have given way to Kidrobot’s Munny, a blank canvas of a toy figure that offers an infinite number of customizable possibilities. There’s also the Mini Munny, the four-inch version in smooth and soft vinyl, which you can see at the local designer-toy-and-collectible-art hot spot Synthetic Compound.

Gren Radcliff, the Compound’s head figure in charge, explains the appeal of a toy devoid of features other than its form: “It’s basically many different artists working from the same base and getting to explore in their own way,” he says. Throughout Art Detour weekend, the studio will showcase a dozen new creations by local artists such as Lalo Cota and Uzi Flakes. Mini Munnys in their natural, blank-slate state are also available to purchase for $10.

March 7-May 31, 2008

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