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Troth or Dare

Do you remember that scene from the 1998 crapfest . . . er, rom-com The Bachelor in which hundreds of crazed wanna-be brides wearing white gowns dash down a San Francisco street chasing Chris O’Donnell? It’s kind of like what The Brides of March event is gonna be like, except that an equal number of men will be dressed in marriage frocks as women, and in place of hunting hunky actors, those in attendance will be traipsing around in pursuit of beer, booze, and a liquored-up good time.

The madcap matrimonial-themed event is presented by the Arizona chapter of the San Francisco-based Cacophony Society, the same group that organized the equally zany Santanarchy in December and last month’s Idiotarod in downtown Phoenix. All three events seem to have one underlying purpose: having a goofy good time while getting smashed. Participants dressed in secondhand bridal wear will engage in a bizarre bar crawl to various drinking establishments in the Mill Avenue District.

Sat., March 14, 1 p.m., 2009


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