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Urban Panning

Patriots Square Park will soon be demolished for an AJ’s Fine Foods (“a glorified Circle K,” according to a close pal), and the Taylor Street Bungalows and neighboring Pete’s News Room recently became a pile of rubbish. As if die-hard downtowners needed any more reasons to scoff at the yuppiefication of our unique central core.

Thank goodness for Greg Riggins, proprietor of the former Emerald Lounge – now a (sigh) Starbucks and a Pei Wei – who bought the building that housed Big Al’s on 717 South Central Avenue and opened up the supercool Ruby Room. Check out the newest spot for downtown booze hounds while listening to the sweet spy-music spins of Djentrification and weirdo eclectic by Pablo Luna.

June 14-Dec. 13, 9 p.m., 2007


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