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Vampire Night

We’ve got some bad news, Twi-hards: Those sparkly-skin vampires you love so much might be able to go on forever, but the book series that they’re based on is on it’s last legs. The Twilight saga – which reinvented vampires as touch-feely emos, made tweeners everywhere twitterpated, and transformed a local Mormon housewife into a multi-millionaire – has only one more tome left to adapt for the big screen: the epic conclusion, Breaking Dawn.

Lucky for y’all, Hollywood’s hoping to suck as much blood from the franchise as possible, which is why they’ve split Breaking Dawn into two films, the first of which will be released this weekend.

Since Twi-hards are anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the love story of Edward and Bella, the Harkins Theatre chain has decided to hold the Breaking Dawn Line-Up Party in honor of the event. Twilight-related trivia contests and games will take place outside of the Harkins Tempe Marketplace 16, and special prizes and giveaways will be awarded. Meanwhile, the first three films in the saga will be screened during a movie marathon leading up to the midnight premiere.

Thu., Nov. 17, 4 p.m., 2011


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