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Very Punny

Sports puns suck. Saying that the Diamondbacks were "snakebitten" or that winning "wasn't in the Cards" for the Arizona Cardinals isn't clever.

If we didn't hate puns, we'd tell you that the day is drawing to a close for the Phoenix Suns. (Get it?) Fortunately, tonight’s game against the Denver Nuggets, which marks the Suns’ last home regular season game of the 2009-10 campaign, figures to be a good one. Denver's high-octane style (the Nuggets are the NBA's third highest-scoring team) is a perfect fit for the Suns' higher-octane M.O.(PHX leads the league in points per game.) More importantly, our hometown boys have proven that they can dominate Denver. See last March, where the Suns completely stifled the Nuggets en route to a 105-85 victory.

Tue., April 13, 7:30 p.m., 2010


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