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Vinyl Destination

“Fetish properties are not unlike porn,” stated record shop owner Rob Gordon (played by Jon Cusack) in the memorable 2000 flick High Fidelity. “I’d feel guilty taking their money, if I wasn’t, well, kind of one of them.”

The fetish properties he’s referring to are vinyl records, and the folks whose money he’s taking speak to the subculture of wax-fiends who’ve devoted much of their time and paychecks to the pursuit and acquisition of such rarified platters.

These vinyl junkies will be in analog heaven at this weekend’s Nile Record Fair II, a gathering of over 20 vinyl vendors inside the historic Nile Theatre, 105 West Main Street in Mesa.

Local record stores including Revolver, Stinkweeds and Zia will fill their tables with stacks of wax, and will be joined by a variety of independent collectors hawking their LPs, 45s, concert memorabilia, posters, and various collectables.

Sun., May 15, 12-6 p.m., 2011


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