Waste Deep

It's amazing what we can do with garbage. Roads are paved with rubber from discarded tires. Boutiques sell purses crafted from gum wrappers. Even this year's Olympic medals were partially made from electronic waste. Amazing.

Check out clothing made entirely from trash in the free public exhibit “Recycle Runway: Reclaimed Fashions” by Nancy Judd, which continues daily through August 8.

"Making trash into elegant and beautiful fashions attracts attention to the actions that we can each take in our everyday lives to care for the planet,” says Judd. Works on display include a soda-can dress commissioned by Coca-Cola, a recycled glass-bead evening gown, and an outfit made of Toyota parts. (Judd could probably make a boatload of cash selling the Toyota deal to angry Prius owners.)

March 15-Aug. 8, 2010

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