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Except for the prices, the experience of movie-going hasn't changed much. It's the same cold theater, sticky floors, and hours of our lives we'll never get back (thank you, Battlefield Earth). Where's the nighttime sky? The terse tales? The free?

Enter the ASU Art Museum Short Film and Video Festival. This outdoor, one-night-only free ride features 21 works from more than 490 entries submitted from around the world. Two local artists made the cut with Send Greener Grass Uphill, a downhill skateboarding saga, and Phoenix: City of the Future, which spotlights one man's struggle to coax creatives to live in Phoenix.

Other films include Bill Plympton's Horn Dog, the steampunk stop-motion musical McDonough, and a film challenging the meaning of masculinity through the sport of cockfighting, aptly dubbed Cocker.

Sat., April 17, 8-11 p.m., 2010


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