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Word Domination

Traditionally, haiku are peaceful poems about nature – in other words, a total snooze fest. But at the Pink Slip Haiku Deathmatch, locals will spit sweet 17-syllable poems on topics ranging from the crappy desert weather to Internet porn.

“These poems came to us through Japanese books and art. But, we are American,” says host and local poet Aaron Johnson. “We speak in languages that allow us to raise money to save whales while buying hamburgers, right? So, humans are a part of nature too.”

That’s not to say tradition isn’t respected by the Pink Slip crowd. Audiences are asked to remain in silent awe for each round of the bracketed competition (or “clap with one hand” as Johnson would say), after which the crowd can show their appreciation with quiet finger-snaps or obnoxious, caffeine-fueled screams.

Mon., June 13, 8 p.m., 2011


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