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Words with Friends

In 1996, a Michigan word geek laid down the highest-scoring single play in documented Scrabble history: "craziest." That particular rack-clearing superlative stretched over a double-letter-score multiplier and two triple-word-score spaces (known as the elusive "triple-triple") to become a 311-point bomb.

Before you aspire to such decimation, you might want to start small. And you can during Scrabble Night at Urban Beans. Though we mostly play for fun, it is pretty satisfying to see people's faces cringe when we throw down some prime tiles. That's why we prefer Urban Beans' laid-back atmosphere to trolling Facebook for some online Scrabble victims. And here, if an opponent pulls out a word like "qiviut," you'll know they didn’t go dictionary-digging for it.

Mondays, 6-9 p.m., 2011


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