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You Cube

Long before computers and video games occupied our collectively short attention span, the world’s unfettered fascination shone upon the Rubik’s Cube. Though it has been more than 35 years since its debut, the complex square-shaped assortment of colored cubes causes just as much consternation these days as it did back in the ‘70s. Those with quick minds and nimble hands are still seeking to conquer it, much like the brainiacs who’ll participate in the Arizona Speedcubing Open on Saturday, June 4, at Brown Mackie College, 13430 North Black Canyon Highway. While the current world record for correctly coordinating the colors of a standard Rubik’s Cube is 38 minutes, chances are likely you won’t fare as well when twisting and turning yourself inside out to solve the popular puzzle during the competition. You’ll have plenty of chances to try, however, as six individual rounds take place during the open, each utilizing a different sized cube.
Sat., June 4, 11 a.m., 2011


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