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  • Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa

    Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa

    2400 E. Missouri Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85016
    602-955-6600 Opened in 1929, this swanky resort at the base of Squaw Peak exudes old-timey Arizona charm and elegance. Albert Chase McArthur built it in "Mayan Revival" style, hiring his former mentor Frank Lloyd Wright as consultant. Former Columbia Pictures mogul Harry Cohn had a fatal heart attack here. More >>

  • COFCO Chinese Cultural Center

    COFCO Chinese Cultural Center

    668 N. 44th St. Phoenix, AZ 85008
    602-275-8578 The center features restaurants offering a variety of Asian cuisines, retail shops, offices, an upscale Asian supermarket, and feng shui guardian statues, all surrounded by a two-acre traditional Chinese garden. More >>

  • Desert Botanical Garden

    Desert Botanical Garden

    1201 N. Galvin Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85008

  • L. Ron Hubbard House

    L. Ron Hubbard House

    5501 N. 44th St. Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • L. Ron Hubbard's House

    5501 N. 44th St. Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • Lee & Patricia Sepanek's Holiday Lights

    4415 E. Calle Tuberia Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • Phoenix Zoo

    Phoenix Zoo

    455 N. Galvin Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85008
    602-273-1341 Named one of the nation's top five zoos for kids in 2003, the Phoenix Zoo houses more than 1,300 animals and is traversed by five trails, which wind through 125 acres of animals, rides and more. The Phoenix Zoo is a privately-owned nonprofit zoo supported by donors and other private organizations and offers plenty of educational experiences as well as animal fun. In additional to the usual animal exhibits, the zoo offers the Red Barn Petting Zoo where several pettable animals can be found. Other special experiences include the Endangered Species Carousel, Stingray Bay (where you can pet a string ray), camel rides, giraffe feeding and pedal boats. The zoo also hosts special events throughout the year such as the annual holiday tradition, Zoo Lights. Guests are welcome to bring their own water and food into the park – as well as roller blades or bikes to save yourself the energy of walking the more than two miles of trails. More >>

  • Tovrea Castle and Carraro Cactus Garden

    Tovrea Castle and Carraro Cactus Garden

    5041 E. Van Buren Phoenix, AZ 85008
    602-256-3220 Newcomers aren't sure what to make of this odd construct, which has been likened to many things -- one of the better printable ones a hunk of wedding cake crowned by giant green candles (i.e., the swarm of saguaros standing sentinel around the castle). It was built by Italian entrepreneur Alessio Carraro and named after meat-packing magnate Edward Tovrea, who bought the baronial digs for his wife, Della, in 1931. The lonely and battered but still somehow regal edifice, currently owned by the City of Phoenix and under renovation, now holds court over a section of town whose elegance long ago faded. More >>

  • Valley Fever Walk

    550 E. Van Buren St. Phoenix, AZ 85008