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  • Vino 100

    Vino 100

    30835 N. Cave Creek Road Cave Creek, AZ 85331
    480-502-8466 This unassuming little wine shop has a credo: "We didn't invent wine, but we certainly created a better way to buy it!" And they're not kidding. Thanks to Vino 100, gone forever are all the frustrations of shopping for reds and whites. The experts here are friendly and not at all snooty about the fact that we don't know the difference between Sirah and Merlot. This user-friendly store offers what they call a "wine barometer," a tag indicating the vino's flavor (fruity to dry) and body (light to full). The entire store is laid out according to this system, and shoppers can easily find exceptional wines that suit their personal tastes and budget. Wine tour guides are available to help, or you can go it alone. More wine! More >>