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A longtime favorite of the Phoenix gay scene, Apollo's is the kind of bar where you can have a few beers and hang with a diverse selection of drinkers.
Big Fish Pub

Big Fish Pub

The largish stage located off to the side of this landmark bar and music venue has been graced by plenty of big bands over the years.


Walk into Flicka's and you just might mistake the place for some beachside cantina in Cabo San Lucas instead of a roadside cantina in south Scottsdale.

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  • Spirits Bar & Grill

    Spirits Bar & Grill

    9303 E. Apache Trail Mesa, AZ 85207
    480-986-5572 Roll down the dusty Apache Trail to Mesa, and approaching the city limits you’ll happen upon this sprawling roadhouse and southern-fried venue infused with an aura of rock ‘n’ roll debauchery. Wall-sized posters of such notorious party animals as Tommy Lee and the Beastie Boys seemingly inspire the rowdy times regularly served here up with smile (and a typically stiff drink from any of its three bars). Blaring nu-metal anthems inspire amateur gyrations on a stripper pole, a whoa-babe vibe amplified by the weekly wet tee shirt contests on Fridays and Saturdays. Activities of a risqué nature have also happened during the occasional pudding wrestling bouts between bikini-clad ladies taking place in an inflatable kiddie pool or in the secluded Bleu Room, earning its name from its stylish azure furnishings. The ginormous patio is also the site of much commotion, as patrons gather outside to smoke, compare scars, and simply dig into some of Spirits Bar & Grill’s classic American grub, which always imbued with just the right amount of grease. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Sport Peppers Bar & Grill

    Sport Peppers Bar & Grill

    1606 E. Bell Road Phoenix, AZ 85022

  • Sportsman Social Club

    943 W. Watkins St. Phoenix, AZ 85007

  • Spotted Donkey Cantina

    8220 N. Hayden Road Scottsdale, AZ 85258

  • Spud

    Spud's Bar & Grill

    3558 W. Northern Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85051
    602-973-0011 What do you do when you want to watch two games at once? Channel-surf and you risk missing a game-changing play. At Spuds Bar & Grill, you don't have to worry: Twenty flat-screens deck an entire wall of the joint. You can play a free round of pool, buy into a Texas Hold'em tournament, have a smoke, or try your luck at electronic boxing or bowling without missing a second of the game. Formerly Cheers, Spuds retains the energy of a close-knit neighborhood bar, which isn't to say that the regulars have a problem welcoming newcomers. Belly up at the bar and they'll begin sharing stories of former bar owner, Dan, who passed away a year ago. He is immortalized with a picture above the bar and a plaque at his favorite seat. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • The Spurr Lounge

    The Spurr Lounge

    5535 W. Baseline Road Laveen, AZ 85339

    Spurr Lounge boasts being the "only bar in Laveen," and tellingly, it's the kind of half-ranch/half-pub one could expect to find that far west. Pool tables are smudged with white chalk handprints left over from Free Pool Thursday, and the cowboy-centric menu boasts a signature variation on the Philly cheesesteak described by the bartender as "very Southwest." The smoking patio in back offers enough privacy for a card game; inside, the rustic horseshoes, joke license plates, and vintage Budweiser Carousel hanging above the bar make you feel as though you've earned a night out even if you haven't roped any cattle or tamed any frontiers. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Stacker


    2855 W. Cactus Road Phoenix, AZ 85029

    The cool red lights at Stacker's in North Phoenix bathe the cheery clientele in a groovy shade of maroon. In the 30 years the bar has been open, Stacker's has gained a reputation for its hot wings and Philly cheesesteaks, and both can be washed down by their selection of 14 beers . There are televisions above the cozy booths and along the entrance wall, so that fans can kick back and enjoy basketball and football games while regulars match wits at a pool table nested in the back of the bar. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • The Stadium Club

    The Stadium Club

    940 N. Alma School Road Chandler, AZ 85224
    480-963-3866 With a name like Stadium Club, it shouldn’t be surprising that the focus of this Chandler joint is all about athletic exploits. Highlights from arenas, stadiums, and other sporting facilities from around the world are broadcast on 25 different high-definition flatscreens, which are constantly tuned to ESPN and other jock channels. Situated just below the TVs are dozens of framed photos of such legendary sports stars as Mickey Mantle, Joe Montana, and Phoenix Suns star Kevin Johnson. The walls also display a huge amount of Buffalo Bills memorabilia as the owners hails from upstate New York. Stop by on any given Sunday during football season and expect to see a throng of likeminded Bills fanatics cheering on their heroes while dining on pub grub and downing any of the 25 beers on tap. Competition isn’t just limited to what’s seen onscreen, as the requisite arcade games like Golden Tee are available alongside a pair of pool tables. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Stand Up Live

    Stand Up Live

    50 W. Jefferson St. Phoenix, AZ 85003
    480-719-6100 Comedy and cocktails are classic combination. Depending on the night's talent, sometimes you want a drink and sometimes you need a drink. But considering the host of big names at CityScape's Stand Up Live, you'll probably go with the former. Owned by next door live music purveyors Copper Blues, Stand Up Live takes a cue from its boozier neighbors with a long list of drink options including beer, wine and liquor in a cool, dark, theatre setting. Don't expect to see the bar for yourself, though. Friendly, whispering servers come to each of the venue's tables and quietly take orders, as not to accidentally heckle the comedians on stage. Then, they head to a back room where drinks are mixed and classily brought out on serving trays. Quick service and quality selection make Stand Up Live an easy venue to reach the two drink minimum. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Stand-up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club

    Stand-up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club

    5101 N. Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85250-7003

  • Star Spangled Tavern

    20751 N. Pima Road Scottsdale, AZ 85255-5593

  • Starters


    1400 S. McClintock Drive Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-967-2622 The bartenders at this homey, neighborhood spot are an entertaining and welcoming lot. Not only will they dazzle you with Cocktail-style flairtender tricks, they're also known to remember your name and favorite beverage. Heck, they're even willing to forgive the occasional party foul when patrons accidentally spill their beers on the concrete floor. The menu is stocked with bar food favorites, while the calendar is filled with a variety of daily specials on Jägermeister and other spirits. A sense of camaraderie permeates the place on a nightly basis, whether it's sports fans enraptured by the action on all the HDTVs or the effusive espirit de corps of the smokers satisfying their nic fits out on the large patio. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Steel Horse Saloon

    Steel Horse Saloon

    1818 W. Bell Road Phoenix, AZ 85023
    602-942-8778 If motorcycling were a religion, then Steel Horse Saloon would be considered a venerated house of worship. This North Phoenix favorite serves as a hawg heaven, rich with motorcycling memorabilia and populated by plenty of rough-and-tough ramblers, as well as blue-collar barflies and weekend warriors who live in nice suburban neighborhoods but like to play badass when they can. These guys ride atop their steel steeds every weekend for two-night sets by local rock and country bands or stop by for numerous cycling events and parties held throughout the year, like the annual Bike-toberfest. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Stinger

    Stinger's Sports Bar

    10040 N. 43rd Ave. Glendale, AZ 85302
    623-937-9645 Stinger's Sports Bar is a playground for adults. The bar features 12 pool tables, six dartboards, four poker tables, a ping-pong table, a foosball table, and a multipurpose dance floor. Patrons can choose from the wide selection of bombers to muster up enough liquid courage for a round of karaoke. The bar hosts weekly pool, darts, and Texas Hold'em tournaments that welcome both amateurs and pros. There are 13 beers on tap, including domestics, imports, and local brews like Kiltlifter and Devil Ale. The projector and crisp flat-screen televisions above the bar feature the hottest NFL games and UFC matches. Located in the same plaza as Great Skate and Nana's Day Care, parents and children alike can have a fun evening without having to go far. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Stingray Sushi

    Stingray Sushi

    2502 E. Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85016
    602-955-2008 The sushi here is excellent, but you'll also want to try the crisp, spicy-sweet Cucumber Salad. California rolls are a must, as are these other sushi sensations: Salmon rolls; Mackerel or Yellowtail rolls; Stripped Bass sushi; Hand rolls; and Motorola Rolls-you won't find these in even the most exclusive sushi spots! Also great: tasty, pork-stuffed dumplings-perfect with a side of Tempura Vegetables. Head for Stingray! Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Stone Rose Lounge

    Stone Rose Lounge

    7575 E. Princess Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    480-585-4848 Situated far from the club hubbub of Old Town, the Stone Rose Lounge is a chic sanctuary cloistered within the center of the Fairmont Princess Resort. Divided into outdoor and indoor areas, the al fresco portion of this tranquil nightspot is dominated by ample amounts of plush seating, as well as a gigantic, cube-shaped outside bar and 10,000-gallon reflecting pool. Oh yeah, and the scenery is picturesque as all get out. The Spanish colonial architecture of the upscale resort tends to take on an amber glow at sunset, as does the illuminated bar top made from marble. Inside ain't too shabby, either, as edgy, modernist architecture provides a backdrop for beat-blasting DJs spinning up downtempo tracks for scenesters, fashionistas, and the North Scottsdale elite. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Stratus


    2102 N. 23rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85009
    602-303-9573 This West Phoenix event space located in a converted warehouse is a rather versatile beast, having hosted a gamut of events from mariachi concerts and weddings to epic DJ festivals and heavy-duty rock shows. It’s also a sexy beast, featuring expensive lighting and sound rigs, ornately chic decor, plasma screens in the glossy bathrooms, and a lengthy bar aglow with LEDs. Stratus is akin to a Scottsdale club, right down to the disco ball hanging from the ceiling and the red carpet unfurled outside the front door during special events. The staff can also wheel out a mobile stripper pole, which came in handy (and leggy) for the auditions for a potential reality show about local exotic dancers that once occurred here, but it's a prop that doesn’t see any use when a quinceañera occasionally takes place at Stratus. At least, we certainly hope not. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Stray Cat Bar & Grill

    Stray Cat Bar & Grill

    2433 E. University Drive Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-967-1040 Pretty young things and tattooed-and-pierced types rub elbows with hip-hop heads and ASU cuties in the nooks and crannies that come together to give shape to this spacious drinkery. Located off the beaten path on University Drive east of the 101, Stray Cat brings in a diverse college crowd who manage to mingle well with barflies more interested in their glasses than socializing. Live shows by local rock and punk bands are occasionally offered on Stray Cat's stage, and while there's no patio to speak of, a ventilated room adjacent to the front entrance offers smokers a place to satisfy their nic fits while drinking. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Superstition Skies Restaurant

    945 E. Scenic St. Apache Junction, AZ 85119-4127

  • Sushi Eye Bar & Grill

    Sushi Eye Bar & Grill

    4855 E. Warner Road Ahwatukee, AZ 85044
    480-820-3376 Attractive, bright sushi outlet with a fetching lime and mint green interior design, and a sushi bar that produces some really excellent sushi rolls. Try the sweet, tuna-wrapped Cherry Blossom Roll, the spicy Climax Roll topped with jalapeños, or the ASU Roll, wrapped around shrimp tempura. Trad sushi is great here, too, like the blue uni topped with quail's egg, the syrupy eel, or the fatty toro, to name a few. Very friendly staff is a plus. If this place is in your 'hood, count yourself lucky. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge

    Sweet O Wine and Chocolate Lounge

    9380 W. Westgate Blvd. Glendale, AZ 85305-3164

  • Swizzle Inn

    Swizzle Inn

    5835 N. 16th St. Phoenix, AZ 85016

    We’re at least 300-odd miles from the shore in Phoenix, so the concept of some kitschy dockside bar native to port cities is a foreign notion to us landlubbers. Except when we drop anchor for an evening with the scurvy dogs at Swizzle Inn, that is. This notorious north central Phoenix landmark of a maritime bent is the kinda place where vintage diving helmets, surfboards, and depth gauges are objets d'art, and a large photograph of a great white hangs above the pool table. Its inky eyes seemingly follow us when we wade through a crowd three deep to sample the sea of spirits available behind the bar. Conversation tends to resemble a roar as patrons often shout to be heard over the blaring jukebox, especially when it’s playing a crowd favorite like Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” You can even hear it from your car while parking, which indicates that another memorable night at the Swizzle is on your horizon. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Swizzle Stick Cocktail Lounge

    5152 W. Olive Ave. Glendale, AZ 85302

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