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World of Beer

World of Beer

At World of Beer, it’s easy for brewing enthusiasts to fall head over heels for hop knots, IPAs, wheats, whites, and everything in between.
Casablanca Lounge

Casablanca Lounge

Spectacular views of both Old Town and Camelback Mountain at sunset aren't the only amenity afforded by this swank third-floor lounge along the Scottsdale Waterfront.
Rhythm Room

Rhythm Room

Jumping and jiving every night of the week, the Rhythm Room has long served as the Valley's best joint to catch performances from blues, jazz, and roots musicians.

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  • Harry

    Harry's Last Call

    9521 N. 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85020

    The building that houses Harry's Last Call has a long history of providing cold brews and mixed drinks for its Sunnyslope clientele. Formerly The Brass Belt, the building has stood for 30 years, the past 10 of which have served as the home of Harry's, a no-nonsense watering hole heavy on simple pleasures. Patrons shoot pool and toss friendly putdowns back and forth, ordering up rounds of domestic suds and making wagers on games of darts. The bar is dark, but catch the place on a lazy afternoon, when the sun streams in through an open door, and the glint off the trophies housed in the back creates an almost Christmas light-like effect. Read more about Harry's Last Call >>

  • House of Comedy

    5350 E. High Street. Phoenix, AZ 85054

  • Hudson's

    2344 W. Northern Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021

  • Joe

    Joe's Grotto

    13825 N. 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-992-1007 Joe Grotto (yes, his real name) has provided a North Phoenix haven for local bands for more than a decade now with his bar and live music venue. Be they fire-breathing death metal artists, long-haired screamo types, costumed tribute acts, or just plain old hard rockers, Joe will always offer space on his stage. Two weekly open mic nights also draw all sorts of new blood to the joint consistently. The interior looks the way an old-school rock club should, with one wall covered in mirrors, spots of graffiti here and there, and various fliers clinging to the walls. Read more about Joe's Grotto >>

  • Knobby's

    10812 N. Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ 85020

  • Larry

    Larry's Place

    20027 N. Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ 85024-1229

  • The Loft Again Lounge

    The Loft Again Lounge

    15015 N. Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-482-3130 This down-home dive in Cave Creek has all the accouterments of a typical one-horse-town drinkin' hole - save for the dirt floors. Everybody seems to know everybody here, and the regulars have been breaking in the barstools for years. In addition to the stiffer-than-usual drinks, dart boards, and pool tables, Loft Again also hosts live music most nights of the week, featuring performances by local alt-country crooners, thunderous rock bands, and the occasional troubador. But best of all, newbies are usually welcomed with introductions to everybody and never made to feel as though they wandered into the wrong 'hood. Read more about The Loft Again Lounge >>

  • Magnum

    Magnum's Cigars Wine & Liquor

    731 E. Union Hills Drive Phoenix, AZ 85024
    602-493-8977 Though it seems a little out of place in a northside strip mall, Magnum's is worth the trip for cigar lovers in search of a tasteful place for a puff and a pour. Past a sizable retail selection of beer, wine, and spirits you'll find a 450-square-foot walk-in humidor and a sophisticated, Prohibition-style speakeasy. The bar and surrounding tables are made of dark wood and marble, while Old World artwork and candles add luxurious accents. Stocked with craft and imported beers, a gallery of wine, and a bar bursting with traditional and exotic liquors (including a solid selection of single-malt scotches), the Magnum is most definitely a classy joint. Stogie sophisticates of all kinds can be found relaxing on couches, engaged in conversation in the hallway hideaway, or bellied up to the bar watching a DVD of Eric Clapton in concert. The friendly staff knows its smokes and its spirits at this, one of the rare venues in the Valley where you can still enjoy a cigar (or cigarette) with a drink in hand. Read more about Magnum's Cigars Wine & Liquor >>

  • Maverick Saloon

    Maverick Saloon

    9605 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021

    With slats on the windows allowing air to blow in and cigarette smoke to blow out, the Maverick Saloon is considered a patio. At least that's the technical term, and how owner Alfonso Larriva sidestepped state regulations after an 18-month renovation to allow smoking inside this North Phoenix bar. At first, newcomers may feel a little naughty about lighting up, but soon they'll be puffing away with a lively stable of locals, bellied up to the bar or relaxing on a corner couch in an atmosphere of dark wood and dim lights. Think the Maverick's all smoke and no action? Think again. With eight TVs, kick-ass country on the jukebox, and live entertainment Wednesday through Saturday, this tobacco-friendly joint's got the goods, including Junior, the grill man who whips up pub grub that costs less than a pack; and Sue, Jennifer, and Jessie, bewitching barkeeps who'll make sure your stay at the Maverick is one smokin' good time. Read more about Maverick Saloon >>

  • McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon

    21001 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85050

  • Metro Sportz Bar

    Metro Sportz Bar

    10402 N. Black Canyon Highway Phoenix, AZ 85051
    602-997-5717 A seemingly boundless bounty of billiards action takes place inside the amply sized Metro Sportz, as close to two-dozen tables populate two of its largest rooms. It ain't just a pool hall, however, as this North Phoenix sports shack also features a massive wall of televisions, each tuned to sporting events at all hours of the day or night. A full bar offers drink deals aplenty and an enviable selection of spirits. If neither billiards nor the boob tube can hold your interest, Metro Sportz features darts, off-track betting, and poker nights on Sunday and Tuesday. If you pull out a credit card to pay for your beer, however, the bartenders will kindly point you in the direction of the joint's ATM, as it's cash only here. Read more about Metro Sportz Bar >>

  • Modern Margarita

    Modern Margarita

    5410 E. High St. Phoenix, AZ 85054
    602-795-8111 City North may be new to the north Phoenix area but that hasn’t slowed down Desert Ridge residents from filling up their new favorite Mexican patio, Modern Margarita. This contemporary cantina offers fresh favorites like surf and turf tacos, veggie tostadas, house-made salsas, and green chili burgers. Plus it offers weekly specials like Margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Ladies Night Thursdays, Reverse Happy Hour on Saturdays, and All Day Happy Hour on Sundays. Whatever you order and whichever day you decide to go, just be sure to order any one of the house or craft cocktails including the award-winning margaritas: watermelon honey and hot mango. Read more about Modern Margarita >>

  • Murray's Cocktail Bar

    1111 W. Hatcher Road Phoenix, AZ 85021-3044

  • North Central Sports Bar

    North Central Sports Bar

    1170 E. Northern Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85020

  • O

    O'Brien's Sports Bar

    7829 N. 35th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85051

  • O

    O'Connor's Pub

    2601 W. Dunlap Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021

  • Octane Lounge

    Octane Lounge

    13420 W. Bell Road Phoenix, AZ 85053

  • Pappy

    Pappy's Sports Bar & Grille

    11801 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85029
    602-944-4644 A visit to the West Valley wouldn't be complete without a stop by this relaxed roadhouse, situated in the shadow of North Mountain. Strong pours, snarky conversation, and 32-ounce domestic brews are on tap on a nightly basis at Pappy's. Half the fun of hanging out here is the kooky cross-section of regulars who come in throughout the day, ranging from warehouse workers looking to unwind to aging hippies and Ed Hardy-wearing bros. If the people-watching wasn't entertaining enough, local rock and country bands stop by for weekend sets, bookended by karaoke sessions on Thursday and Sunday nights. Pool tournaments, craps games, Texas Hold'em, and off-track betting also take place throughout the week. Read more about Pappy's Sports Bar & Grille >>

  • Paradise Lounge

    Paradise Lounge

    4541 E. Cactus Road Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-953-2993 Board games and beer mix with music and madcap fun at this quaint neighborhood tavern nestled near Paradise Valley Mall. Its proprietors provide a little bit of everything for their patrons, including drink specials and distractions aplenty. Come in during the quiet hours and enjoy such all-day specials as $2.50 domestic bottles, $3 well drinks, and $4 small pitchers until 7 p.m. You'll also have access to Candyland, dominoes and other games straight from your childhood, as well as bar-top touch-screens, darts, and pool. Paradise Lounge also frequently features local musicians, with artists of the country, folk, acoustic, and singer-songwriter variety performing two or three nights a week on a small corner stage. Weekends are for special events, and the owners love throwing theme parties like Hawaiian-styled affairs complete with hula-hoop contests and steel drums. The friendly atmosphere means the bartender might spend considerable time talking with their regulars before taking your drink order, so bring a healthy dose of patience when you visit, as well as your wallet. Read more about Paradise Lounge >>

  • Playa Bar II

    3217 E. Shea Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85028

  • Rainbow Cactus

    Rainbow Cactus

    15615 N. Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ 85032

  • Red Onion Lounge

    Red Onion Lounge

    15002 N. Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-867-9989 Peel back the layers of the Red Onion Lounge and you'll find a tough-but-tender biker bar, a hangout for Green Bay Packers fans since 1987 (one year after the joint was established), and a monstrous bacon and green chili cheeseburger that the locals swear by ("If you get it with onion, the onion is red, get it?"). Motorcycles with stickers reading "Keep honking, I'm reloading!" are parked outside a brick exterior with an iron gate door opening up into a bigger-than-expected main room. A green-and-white drop ceiling, patterned carpet, TVs, pool tables, games, and several wood tables with salt and pepper shakers decorate the joint. If the scent of grease doesn't get the gut rumblin' for a bratwurst and a side of Wisconsin-style cheese curds, grab a bargain brew at the bar from one of the sassy-yet-sociable barkeeps. And while there's happy hour, pool tournaments, and karaoke on select nights of the week, the joint's main attraction is the people. Friendly as hell, the bikers hanging out on the smoking patio ("If I ever meet God, it's gonna come to blows") forge instant friendships with newbies, and folks play pool and sing tenderly to "Smooth Operator" on the jukebox. When it comes to swigging and socializing with good folks, the Red Onion Lounge doesn't stink. Read more about Red Onion Lounge >>

  • River City Pockets

    River City Pockets

    1107 E. Bell Road Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-993-3317 There are plenty of pool tables in River City - 13 regulation-sized tables and half a dozen six-footers to be exact. Surrounding the L-shaped bar and pushing the dartboards and video games to the outer edges, the felt-topped tables in this spacious oasis take center stage for northsiders in search of a little stick 'n' sip action. A black-and-white-checkered drop ceiling, wood paneling, and the sounds of jukebox hits surround twentysomething suburbanites decked out in plaid shorts and Hollister hoodies, talking trash at the tables, giggling with friends at the bar, or watching TV on the couch. Dart and billiard buffs can sign up for tournaments or leagues, would-be vocalists can burst into song during karaoke on Mondays, and those seeking entertainment of the more boozy variety can down daily drink specials, including a happy hour featuring 25-ounce mugs and double well drinks for $3. And while there's no grub save for a vending machine, deliveries of pizza are common. Just be sure to wash the grease off your mitts, buddy, so you don't screw up the felt. Read more about River City Pockets >>

  • Sal's Sports Bar

    2017 E. Cactus Road Phoenix, AZ 85022-5826

  • Sandbar Mexican Grill

    Sandbar Mexican Grill

    21001 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85050
    480-585-5900 We love to hate Sandbar's clientele, but if there's one thing the North Phoenix bros and ladies know how to do, it's drink hard all day long. Because Sandbar is one of the only bars around the Desert Ridge shopping area, there's almost always a small crowd lounging around the outdoor patio or in the covered cabanas. It's like a sandy, misted haven for 20-something singles and we have to admit that there's something sort of charming about sipping cheap beers (and the occasional shot of tequila) with our toes in the sand. Read more about Sandbar Mexican Grill >>

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