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A longtime favorite of the Phoenix gay scene, Apollo's is the kind of bar where you can have a few beers and hang with a diverse selection of drinkers.
Big Fish Pub

Big Fish Pub

The largish stage located off to the side of this landmark bar and music venue has been graced by plenty of big bands over the years.


Walk into Flicka's and you just might mistake the place for some beachside cantina in Cabo San Lucas instead of a roadside cantina in south Scottsdale.

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  • The Dubliner Irish Pub & Restaurant

    The Dubliner Irish Pub & Restaurant

    3841 E. Thunderbird Road Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-867-0984 Considered the oldest Irish joint in Arizona, the Dubliner also has the unique distinction of having been the first bar to sell Guinness in the Valley. Its braggadocious bartenders also claim its annual Saint Patrick's Day party is the biggest around, their craic is mightier, and that there's more traditional Ireland-style entertainment each week at the Dubliner than any of their competitors. It's hard to argue with the latter boast, since the North Phoenix public house has showcased Celtic musicians almost every night for close to a quarter century. Sired in 1986 by renowned local publican Seamus McCaffery, it's maintained the same neighborhood bar vibe mixed with the usual Emerald Isle touches and tchotchkes throughout the years. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Dunes Lounge

    Dunes Lounge

    3611 W. Dunlap Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85051
    602-973-2519 Karaoke is a major-league pastime at this comfortable North Phoenix dive. Folks sign up to sing on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and tend to get increasingly, uh, invested in their songs as the night wears on (don't be surprised to see table-hopping or other outlandish theatrics). Although the bartending staff doesn't always share in the enthusiasm (and will sometimes caution singers to slow their roll), they're plenty happy to pour patrons a pint or maybe a Bloody Mary, which is on special from open until close. Pool tables, darts, and video games are also available, and the comfy bar stools and blond-wood furnishings add to the homey atmosphere. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Fatcat Ballroom

    Fatcat Ballroom

    3131 E. Thunderbird Road Phoenix, AZ 85032

  • Fatso

    Fatso's Pizza

    3131 E. Thunderbird Road Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-992-1122 Looks can be deceiving. What should be a run-of-the-mill pizza joint situated in a North Phoenix strip mall is actually a large music venue with a full bar, pool table, eclectic menu, and big family crowds. As its name portends, the food and drink selection is fat with 20 different Italian pies and a beer selection that includes imports like Stella Artois and Foster's and craft brews like Stone's Arrogant Bastard Ale. Meanwhile, Fatso's live music offerings are mostly of the low-key acoustic and folk variety, with musicians like Smoot Mahooty and The Blenderz hitting the stage on weekend nights. Thursday's open mic session, however, is far from subdued, with patrons loudly singing along with the performers. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Final Score Sports Bar

    Final Score Sports Bar

    10237 N. 35th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85051

  • Gallaghers Food & Fun

    Gallaghers Food & Fun

    7575 N. 16th St. Phoenix, AZ 85020
    602-997-0084 Gallagher's Sports Grill has locations all over the Valley, and the 16th Street location is in keeping with the feel established by the company"s other locations. Nighttime activities include more than just the games on the TVs spread evenly throughout the bar and outside on the patio, offering karaoke and trivia during the week. The spacious seating ensures ease in grabbing a mug of domestic and import brews, and the kitchen's selection of wings and burgers make Gallagher's a dependable stop for a bite, a sip, and a place to root for the Cards. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Greenway Village Cocktail Lounge

    Greenway Village Cocktail Lounge

    3143 E. Greenway Road Phoenix, AZ 85032

    Low-lit, laid-back, and crazy-clean, this North Phoenix neighborhood watering hole is suburban relaxation at is finest. A spacious two-room interior (made intimate with a dividing wall) boasts darts, pool, TVs, shuffleboard, and electronic games including Wii Bowling for those looking to diversify their recreational options. Snag a stool for a seriously cold and dirt-cheap brew (Budweiser drafts are a buck-fifty) served up by sociable barkeeps while listening to the not-too-loud-sounds of the Rolling Stones and The Who on the juke. And while a dry-erase board touts "Karaoke - by Brad - Priceless!" from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. nightly, amateur poker nights, and free pool on Tuesdays, there's fun to be had daily during the 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. happy hour when the lounge's locals are happy to strike up a conversation. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Half Moon Sports Grill

    Half Moon Sports Grill

    288 E. Greenway Road Phoenix, AZ 85022
    602-993-6600 Your eyes will get a workout inside this North Phoenix jock joint. Besides its abundance of attractive waitresses and bartenders you'd swear do some modeling, tasteful photos of almost-uncovered derrières hang from the walls. If you prefer to watch sports instead of indulging your voyeuristic tendencies, more than 50 HDTVs are tuned to ESPN, FSN and Sunday Ticket. Want a little more solitude? The bar has private viewing rooms, where your crew can take in a game without suffering taunts from opposing fans. There are also plenty of comfy couches throughout to relax on while watching your particular team. For deals on food and drinks, stop by during the all-day happy hour from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays or during "Lunar Time" (the bar's reverse happy hour from 10 p.m. to close) when specials include $3 well drinks and house wines, as well as half-price starters. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Half Moon Sports Grill

    Half Moon Sports Grill

    288 E. Greenway Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85022-2398

  • Harry

    Harry's Last Call

    9521 N. 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85020

    The building that houses Harry's Last Call has a long history of providing cold brews and mixed drinks for its Sunnyslope clientele. Formerly The Brass Belt, the building has stood for 30 years, the past 10 of which have served as the home of Harry's, a no-nonsense watering hole heavy on simple pleasures. Patrons shoot pool and toss friendly putdowns back and forth, ordering up rounds of domestic suds and making wagers on games of darts. The bar is dark, but catch the place on a lazy afternoon, when the sun streams in through an open door, and the glint off the trophies housed in the back creates an almost Christmas light-like effect. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Hooters


    10223 North Metro Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85021
    602-997-1060 Home of the double entendre, the Hooters chain has become an American icon over the course of its short life. Founded in Florida during the glorious 1980s, the company with a hooting owl for a logo boasts its own magazine, a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, and famous alumni like Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend Holly Madison. The Hooters girls at each of the 450 locations are the heart and soul (or is it the "T and A"?) of the company; from the American Midwest to the Czech Republic to Tokyo, every girl sports the same bright orange short-shorts, flesh-colored pantyhose and white sneakers. Perhaps it could be the food that keeps loyal Phoenix customers coming back. The menu focuses on chicken wings, with sauces ranging from mild to atomic, but there are also seasoned curly fries, shrimp, oysters, crab legs, burgers, and sandwiches, along with plenty of televisions tuned to whatever's going on in the sports world. Check out your local Hooters on Voice Places. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Joe

    Joe's Grotto

    13825 N. 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-992-1007 Joe Grotto (yes, his real name) has provided a North Phoenix haven for local bands for more than a decade now with his bar and live music venue. Be they fire-breathing death metal artists, long-haired screamo types, costumed tribute acts, or just plain old hard rockers, Joe will always offer space on his stage. Two weekly open mic nights also draw all sorts of new blood to the joint consistently. The interior looks the way an old-school rock club should, with one wall covered in mirrors, spots of graffiti here and there, and various fliers clinging to the walls. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Knobby's

    10812 N. Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ 85020

  • Let It Roll Bowl

    Let It Roll Bowl

    8925 N. 12th St. Phoenix, AZ 85020
    602-944-4401 It's hard to imagine a more natural pairing than bowling and cocktails. Ever since The Big Lebowski and its protagonist, The Dude, achieved cult status, the notion of sipping White Russians while rolling one toward the pins has been ingrained in viewers. Pretty much any old bar will do, but the management at Let It Roll in Sunnyslope has taken things up a notch. The lounge at Arizona"s oldest independently owned alley is groovy enough to stand on its own, despite the plethora of open lanes. Plush seats sit under warm, modern light fixtures, and geometric art lines the walls. The bar offers plenty of beer on tap, but for full effect, order a Bloody Mary and drink to the clinks of a strike -- or order up a Caucasian and simply abide. The Dude would be proud. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • The Loft Again

    The Loft Again

    15015 N. Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-482-3130 This down-home dive in Cave Creek has all the accouterments of a typical one-horse-town drinkin' hole - save for the dirt floors. Everybody seems to know everybody here, and the regulars have been breaking in the barstools for years. In addition to the stiffer-than-usual drinks, dart boards, and pool tables, Loft Again also hosts live music most nights of the week, featuring performances by local alt-country crooners, thunderous rock bands, and the occasional troubador. But best of all, newbies are usually welcomed with introductions to everybody and never made to feel as though they wandered into the wrong 'hood. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • The Lounge

    9832 N. 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85020

  • Magnum

    Magnum's Cigars Wine & Liquor

    731 E. Union Hills Drive Phoenix, AZ 85024
    602-493-8977 Though it seems a little out of place in a northside strip mall, Magnum's is worth the trip for cigar lovers in search of a tasteful place for a puff and a pour. Past a sizable retail selection of beer, wine, and spirits you'll find a 450-square-foot walk-in humidor and a sophisticated, Prohibition-style speakeasy. The bar and surrounding tables are made of dark wood and marble, while Old World artwork and candles add luxurious accents. Stocked with craft and imported beers, a gallery of wine, and a bar bursting with traditional and exotic liquors (including a solid selection of single-malt scotches), the Magnum is most definitely a classy joint. Stogie sophisticates of all kinds can be found relaxing on couches, engaged in conversation in the hallway hideaway, or bellied up to the bar watching a DVD of Eric Clapton in concert. The friendly staff knows its smokes and its spirits at this, one of the rare venues in the Valley where you can still enjoy a cigar (or cigarette) with a drink in hand. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Maverick Saloon

    Maverick Saloon

    9605 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021

    With slats on the windows allowing air to blow in and cigarette smoke to blow out, the Maverick Saloon is considered a patio. At least that's the technical term, and how owner Alfonso Larriva sidestepped state regulations after an 18-month renovation to allow smoking inside this North Phoenix bar. At first, newcomers may feel a little naughty about lighting up, but soon they'll be puffing away with a lively stable of locals, bellied up to the bar or relaxing on a corner couch in an atmosphere of dark wood and dim lights. Think the Maverick's all smoke and no action? Think again. With eight TVs, kick-ass country on the jukebox, and live entertainment Wednesday through Saturday, this tobacco-friendly joint's got the goods, including Junior, the grill man who whips up pub grub that costs less than a pack; and Sue, Jennifer, and Jessie, bewitching barkeeps who'll make sure your stay at the Maverick is one smokin' good time. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon

    21001 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85050

  • Metro Sportz Bar

    Metro Sportz Bar

    10402 N. Black Canyon Highway Phoenix, AZ 85051
    602-997-5717 A seemingly boundless bounty of billiards action takes place inside the amply sized Metro Sportz, as close to two-dozen tables populate two of its largest rooms. It ain't just a pool hall, however, as this North Phoenix sports shack also features a massive wall of televisions, each tuned to sporting events at all hours of the day or night. A full bar offers drink deals aplenty and an enviable selection of spirits. If neither billiards nor the boob tube can hold your interest, Metro Sportz features darts, off-track betting, and poker nights on Sunday and Tuesday. If you pull out a credit card to pay for your beer, however, the bartenders will kindly point you in the direction of the joint's ATM, as it's cash only here. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • Modern Margarita

    5410 E. High St. Phoenix, AZ 85054

  • My Ole Man

    My Ole Man's Restaurant & Lounge

    3515 W. Union Hills Drive Phoenix, AZ 85050

    My Ole Man's Restaurant & Lounge has stood tall amid the quarter-century of rapid development in the Northwest Valley - and there's lots of vintage action on display in the bar to prove it. Many of the signs and fixtures date back to M.O.M.'s opening 25 years ago, giving the spacious room a comfy, lived-in quality lacking at a lot of watering holes. Knickknacks and photos give an endearing sense of clutter to the wood paneling behind the horseshoe-shaped bar, and the clientele can be just as dedicated to the old school as the bar's titular 'ole man. Even if you're the only one in the bar whose T-shirt doesn't have its sleeves rolled up, you'll likely get a slap on the back from a regular if you attempt a karaoke tune. Be prepared for some good-natured hassling if you try to leave in the middle of someone else's tune. Read more about this Phoenix bar or club >>

  • North Central Sports Bar

    1170 E. Northern Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85020

  • O

    O'Brien's Sports Bar

    7829 N. 35th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85051

  • O

    O'Connor's Pub

    2601 W. Dunlap Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021

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