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World of Beer

World of Beer

At World of Beer, it’s easy for brewing enthusiasts to fall head over heels for hop knots, IPAs, wheats, whites, and everything in between.
Casablanca Lounge

Casablanca Lounge

Spectacular views of both Old Town and Camelback Mountain at sunset aren't the only amenity afforded by this swank third-floor lounge along the Scottsdale Waterfront.
Rhythm Room

Rhythm Room

Jumping and jiving every night of the week, the Rhythm Room has long served as the Valley's best joint to catch performances from blues, jazz, and roots musicians.

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  • Hookah Mania

    Hookah Mania

    1290 N. Scottsdale Rd Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-829-4959 Some people, like superstar chef Anthony Bourdain, for instance, will journey to the ends of the earth for unforgettable Middle Eastern cuisine and culture. All you have to do, on the other hand, is head to the edge of Tempe and the plaza housing Hookah Mania. As its name implies -- and the ample supply of gleaming water pipes in stock illustrate -- the raison d'être of the establishment is the utter joy of firing up shisha. But in addition to perusing an entire side room with three-dozen imported flavored tobaccos, visitors can peruse four pages of Mediterranean and Mid-East standards, albeit done magnificently (try the buttery makanek Lebanese sausages). Melt into an over stuffed chair or cop a squat in a padded floor booth to either sup or smoke up the place with sweet fragrances. If it’s a weekend night, both belly dancing or DJs will entertain while plates of gigunda baklava are brought out, thus helping you feel even more like some decadent shriek. Read more about Hookah Mania >>

  • Hoookah Mania

    Hoookah Mania

    1290 N. Scottsdale Road Tempe, AZ 85281

  • Hubbly Bubbly

    Hubbly Bubbly

    1400 S. McClintock Drive Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-968-2625 Music videos from an array of international artists play on seven different HDTVs as dozens of college kids and 20-somethings make like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, perching on comfy couches and smoking up a storm. The pungent smell of aromatic shishas and flavored tobaccos hangs in the air as patrons puff on multi-colored water pipes and enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, belly dancers gyrate their sensual hips during weekend shows and DJs spin ambient techno and underground hip-hop every Sunday night. Read more about Hubbly Bubbly >>

  • La Bocca Urban Pizzeria and Wine Bar

    La Bocca Urban Pizzeria and Wine Bar

    699 S. Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-967-5244 It's rather fitting that the name of this cozy pizzeria and wine bar roughly translates to "the mouth" in Italian, as yours will certainly be put to good use when visiting. Its list of vino favors exotic reds from around the world, allowing one to be whisked away to the vineyards of Argentina for some Punto Final Malbec followed by a glass or two of Peter Lehmann-brand cabernet from Australia. The beer selection is also of an international bent, offering such Belgian imports as Wittekerke Wheat Ale and Lindy Framboise along with bottles of microbrews and local favorites. On the menu you'll find gourmet bruschetta, salads, sandwiches, as well as a number of La Bocca's signature pizzas. Read more about La Bocca Urban Pizzeria and Wine Bar >>

  • Lucky Break

    Lucky Break

    1807 E. Baseline Road Tempe, AZ 85283
    480-345-1000 There are plenty of reasons to cruise into this swank South Tempe sports bar and billiards haven to grab a drink or catch the game. First off, you won't find just any old ramshackle pool tables inside the place, as it's stocked with six gleaming, high-end Spencer Marston tables made from solid hardwood. Sharks and pool pros can shoot plenty of stick using straight-as-an-arrow cues for $6 per hour before 6 p.m. and $7 per hour until closing time (half-price games are also available on Sundays). If 8-ball isn't your bag, Lucky Break also boasts more than a dozen HDTVs and two jumbo projection screens on its wood-paneled walls broadcasting all the big games. Beer aficionados are sure to dig the fact that there are two dozen draft handles behind the bar dispensing plenty of premium concoctions made from hops and barley. There's a big emphasis on locally made craft beers, whether were talking Valley favorites (such as Red Rover Irish Red from Sleepy Dog or Kiltlifter and seasonal brews from Four Peaks) or ales and stouts created by brewers throughout Arizona, including Oak Creek in Sedona or Flagstaff’s Lumberyard Brewing Company. If that ain’t enough swank suds to slake your thirst, have the bartenders pour you a pint of Pinstripe Red from Colorado’s Ska Brewing or maybe some Black Butte Porter made by Deschutes Brewery in Oregon. Heck, the staff even offers samples so you can try before buying and various drink deals (like $3 pints on Wednesdays and $3 specialty cocktails on Fridays). Read more about Lucky Break >>

  • Mad Hatter Brew Pub

    Mad Hatter Brew Pub

    502 S. College Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-967-5353 As the closest dining and drinking establishment to ASU’s various sports facilities, not to mention a neighboring light rail station, this indoor/outdoor College Street brewpub is an ideal spot for quaffing a few before and after watching the Sun Devils in action. (It’s so close that you could probably even pop by for a quick round at halftime.) It levels the playing field even further with its Southwestern and New American cuisine and an emphasis on microbrewed and crafts, like the signature Mad Hatter Amber or such offerings as Firestone Walker Union Jack, Breckenridge Avalanche or Old Speckled Hen. On rare occasions, when a bottle, can, or a plain old pint glass won’t suffice, they might just serve your suds in an 80-ounce beer tower. You might wind up missing the second half tying to finish it. Read more about Mad Hatter Brew Pub >>

  • Mellow Mushroom

    Mellow Mushroom

    740 S. Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-967-6355 When we want to get mellow, we head to this Italian eatery, where the calzones are practically our religion. Crispy, fresh-baked dough wrapped around yummy ricotta cheese and any number of other fillings (you get to decide what), then topped with tangy marinara-we practically swoon! Also good is the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, a perfect pairing of tasty thin crust, zingy red sauce, and tender shredded chicken. Lunchtime specials include a generous half-sandwich (try the meatball sub-fresh bread; yummy sauce ladled over sliced meatballs-delicious!) and a side salad for $5.50. The friendly waitstaff loves to chat about the specials of the day, and appear to know the impressive beer and wine list by heart. Read more about Mellow Mushroom >>

  • Mill Cue Club

    Mill Cue Club

    607 S. Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-966-0068 While the front half of the establishment is more of a swanky saloon and hangout spot (offering daily drink specials, DJs on the weekends, and plenty of hotties perched atop bartstools), the back is all about the art of the cue. A total of 10 different tables fill the room, all of which are typically occupied by a mix of ASU students and scenesters pretending like they're Paul Newman in The Color of Money. Things get crowded pretty quickly most nights, which usually results in players trying to make their shots while dodging drinkers and other wandering social butterflies. Read more about Mill Cue Club >>

  • Monkey Pants Bar & Grill

    Monkey Pants Bar & Grill

    3223 S. Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85282
    480-377-8100 Miss the old frat house? You'll swear you've stepped into old Omega Alpha Etcetera when visiting this peculiar Tempe tavern. Perhaps it's the cardboard portrait of Princess Leia stapled to the wall or the thrift-store décor of mismatched furniture and odd tchotchkes that give Monkey Pants its frat-house vibe. The wait staff shouts "Hello!" as you enter, and will even give you an unusual nickname (like "Goosey Lucy" or "Gorgeous George") even if you don't want one. There's plenty of wacky fun to be had during the week, including goldfish races, crotch-kicking contests, and such theme nights as Sombrero Sundays and Mustache Mondays. This place is off-kilter and off the hook, to say the least. Read more about Monkey Pants Bar & Grill >>

  • Moonshine Whiskey Bar

    Moonshine Whiskey Bar

    410 South Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-429-4044 Just like its namesake, Moonshine Whiskey Bar doesn’t mess around. The Mill Avenue nightspot caters to the work-hard-party-hard crowd that keep its first floor packed throughout the week and its second floor open all weekend. The Southern style bar serves up strong cocktails, hearty grub, and some good reason to get moving with DJs, dance parties, promo nights, two-step contests, and the always crowd-pleasing mechanical bull rides. Whether you’re an ASU student looking to blow off some steam or an aspiring rodeo cowboy ready to show ‘em what you got, Moonshine Whiskey promises to get the job done. Read more about Moonshine Whiskey Bar >>

  • Palo Verde Lounge

    Palo Verde Lounge

    1015 W. Broadway Road Tempe, AZ 85282

    Want to know why locals refer to this landmark dive as the "Dirty Verde?" It could be because of all the band stickers and graffiti covering the walls of the men's room, which also features an old-school condom machine. The chain-link fence surrounding the smoking area is another nice touch. Or maybe it's the funky clientele from around the neighborhood who come to start their drinking during the daytime, mixing with a more bohemian evening crowd. The PBR and other cheap booze flow like water here, and a variety of local punk and noise rock bands perform in one corner on the weekend. That's right: There's no stage here. Read more about Palo Verde Lounge >>

  • Philly

    Philly's Sports Bar & Grill

    1826 N. Scottsdale Road Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-946-6666 Picture this: You're parked in front of a ginormous HDTV watching football, when, suddenly, as if from the ether, a hottie appears with a Philly cheesesteak and a frosty pint of Modelo Especial. Finished wiping the drool off your keyboard? You're probably thinking that no such magical Shangri-La actually exists but it does, and it's located on Scottsdale Road, just south of McKellips in Tempe. Philly's has a lot going for it. In addition to its namesake sammies, it offers great happy hour specials ($2.50 domestic drafts and bottles; $3 wells, wines and margaritas), daily drink deals ($2 Miller High Life bottles, $2.50 Modelo drafts) and a mammoth wrap-around patio with an outdoor bar, fire pit, and plenty of seating to accommodate groups of any size. Inside, there's a bar area lined with TVs and even a full-service dining room, making Philly's the sort of sports joint a reasonably-smooth man could feasibly bring a date to. Read more about Philly's Sports Bar & Grill >>

  • Pranksters Gar and Brill

    Pranksters Gar and Brill

    1024 E. Broadway Road Tempe, AZ 85282
    480-967-8875 You would expect a certain degree of quirkiness from an establishment that bills itself as a "gar & brill." On that front, this Tempe establishment doesn't disappoint. The daily food and drink specials are listed in non-sequential order above the bar, and a neon Corona sign hangs upside-down near the electronic dartboard. The walls are adorned with framed photos of TV and movie stars, complete with faux autographs and goofy messages from the likes of the Fonz, Adam West, the Munsters, and Mr. Roarke and Tattoo. House rules dictate that anyone who shoots a ball off the bar's pool table must contribute $1 to a pot, which ultimately goes to anyone who sinks the 8-ball on the break. The spunky staff strikes a great balance of sports bar hospitality and dive bar attitude, serving up strong, reasonably priced drinks, but not hesitating to throw some good-natured ribbing your way if your favorite team is laying an egg. The name might be silly, but as old-school Tempe nightspots go, Pranksters is no joke. Read more about Pranksters Gar and Brill >>

  • Q & Brew

    Q & Brew

    3400 S. Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85282

    Even if you don't like pool, Tempe's Q & Brew still offers plenty of ways to spend your quarters. Vintage pinball machines greet you at the door, including a primo Williams Deluxe Baseball unit from 1957, while a CD jukebox and bar-top touch-screen video games are also available. Pool remains the establishment's bread and butter, however, and the Q plays host to league nights and offers $3 all-you-can play deals starting at noon on its tables, which include plenty of regulation-size nine-footers. The hall opened way back in 1968 on Mill Avenue, before moving to its current location in the far corner of the same strip mall that houses the Yucca Tap Room. A smoking patio and a plush bar stocked with liquor and draft beer round out this dive bar favorite. Read more about Q & Brew >>


    501 S. Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281

  • Red Sea Hookah Lounge

    Red Sea Hookah Lounge

    827 S. Rural Road Tempe, AZ 85281

    The sticky-sweet scent of burning shisha greets you as you enter this Tempe hookah lounge, which is situated in the shadow of Arizona State University next to Club Tattoo. A scintillating selection of close to four dozen different flavored tobaccos are in stock, including such colorful-sounding herbal concoctions as Blue Viper, Razzmatazz, and Mint Chocolate Chill. Along with a cooler full of caffeinated beverages and energy drinks, it's the only kind of buzz that this nightlife destination offers. Amply sized plush sectionals provide plenty of space in which to lounge and relax while puffing away on an array of gleaming hookahs and water pipes, Meanwhile, the subdued lighting makes sure your mellow remains unharshed, making it a primo place to chill out after a night of barhopping along Mill Avenue with friends. Read more about Red Sea Hookah Lounge >>

  • Rula Bula

    Rula Bula

    401 S. Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-929-9500 Situated inside the Victorian-era Andre building, Rula Bula is an authentic-looking pub that's steeped in history. It's housed in an old Mill Avenue saddle shop that dates back to the 1880s, while its walls are lined with vintage Irish relics that were imported from Ireland by owner Steven Goumas. The menu also offers a few historical tidbits, like the origin tales behind such traditional Irish fare as the boxy, as well as dishes named after the renowned Saint Patrick's Battalion that fought in the Mexican-American War. The name of the establishment itself is a reference to an old Gaelic phrase that roughly translates to "uproar and commotion," which is a fitting description for the raucous revelry that takes place inside Rula Bula on a nightly basis. Acoustic artists and Irish musicians offer live music throughout the week, while the staff behind the antique bar serves up pint after pint of imports like Guinness and Smithwick's and various European brews. Read more about Rula Bula >>

  • School of Rock

    School of Rock

    411 S. Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281
    602-471-1841 This Mill Ave. nightspot has quickly established itself as the place to shake it in Tempe, combining rock 'n' roll trappings with heavy electronic sounds. The walls are lined with glittering bottles of booze; stars hang from the ceiling and neon-lit stripper poles dot the upstairs lounge. The rock 'n' roll vibe extends to the drum set placed on a riser overlooking the busy street below, and to the wall art: menacing demons clutch electric axes and dance around graffiti-style art. Class is in session at School of Rock, and courses include rocking out, getting down, and partying hard. Read more about School of Rock >>

  • Skip & Jan

    Skip & Jan's

    7700 S. Priest Drive Tempe, AZ Tempe, AZ 85284
    480-598-8611 It's hard to tell from the street, but Skip & Jan's is huge. It might not look it from the outside, but this Tempe sports bar is large enough to house a fully-stocked kitchen, dozens of TVs, dart boards, arcades, and a station for off-track betting. Not to mention a cavernous pool hall, with tables stretching as far as the eye can see. The staff is courteous and friendly, and regulars are nice, too. The bar features live music, karaoke every Tuesday night and plenty of drink specials to wet gamblers' whistles. This west-Tempe hub has plenty to offer the wandering sportsman. Read more about Skip & Jan's >>

  • Sleepy Dog Saloon and Brewery

    Sleepy Dog Saloon and Brewery

    1920 E. University Drive Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-967-5476 "Leg Humper," "Scootcher," and "Wet Snout" are a few of the unique, pooch-centric names you'll find on the tap handles at Tempe's newest brewpub. Tucked away in a quiet strip mall on University Drive, Sleepy Dog offers house-made brews (flip over the menu for a sketch detailing the brewing process) and a bevy of other craft beers available on draft and by the bottle. If you're feeling a little more upscale, the establishment also offers a selection of Arizona wines. The chillaxed atmosphere makes Sleepy Dog an easy spot in which to kick back with friends and play a board game or watch a flick on one of the brewpub's flat-screen TVs. Try your luck on the "Wheel of Deals," and you could even a 25-cent beer or a free bag of chips. Fresh popcorn is available as are more exotic bar snacks, like hummus, should you need something to go along with your pint. Read more about Sleepy Dog Saloon and Brewery >>

  • Starters


    1400 S. McClintock Drive Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-967-2622 The bartenders at this homey, neighborhood spot are an entertaining and welcoming lot. Not only will they dazzle you with cocktail-style flairtender tricks, they're also known to remember your name and favorite beverage. Heck, they're even willing to forgive the occasional party foul when patrons accidentally spill their beers on the concrete floor. The menu is stocked with bar food favorites, while the calendar is filled with a variety of daily specials on Jägermeister and other spirits. A sense of camaraderie permeates the place on a nightly basis, whether it's sports fans enraptured by the action on all the HDTVs or the effusive espirit de corps of the smokers satisfying their nic fits out on the large patio. Read more about Starters >>

  • Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill

    Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill

    930 W. Broadway Road Tempe, AZ 85282
    480-894-2337 A "no sniveling" sign hangs adjacent to the bar at the Tailgate, which pretty much sums up the attitude of this Tempe spot: no nonsense, no frills, and no bull. Order something domestic as you saddle up to the bar, joining mid-day regulars who tend to drink their lunch (although daily food specials are also available). Free pool is offered on Sundays, all manner of sporting events are broadcast on 10 televisions, and both dartboards and arcade games are handy (in case the exploits of the local teams become too depressing to watch). The Tailgate, which also features live music on its stage, is frequented by the kinds of salt-of-the-earth clientele who wander over from neighboring industrial centers for an after-work pick-me-up. Whining about workplace woes is kept at an absolute minimum, however, as the aforementioned signage dictates. Read more about Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill >>

  • Taste of Tops

    Taste of Tops

    403 W. University Drive Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-967-5643 Sitting pretty next to its big sis operation Tops Liquors, the pint-sized Taste of Tops is a cushy, lounge-like addition to the famed alcohol emporium located at University Drive and Farmer Avenue. And much like at the original Tops, it's all about the alcohol. The small, inviting bar features a dozen different draft taps of specialty beers, wine by the glass (or by the bottle if purchased at the store, with a small additional corking fee), and a row of refrigerators stocked with row after row of delicious-looking microbrew and craft beers. Local artists switch out their work on the walls each month, which always keeps the look of the place fresh. Comfy couches, low booths and rich wooden chairs create a mellow vibe for hours of laidback drinking and unrushed hanging. When a no-fuss night out is in order, Taste of Tops is the answer. Read more about Taste of Tops >>

  • Tempe Tavern

    Tempe Tavern

    1810 E. Apache Tempe, AZ 85281
    480-794-1706 Tempe Tavern oozes Arizona history. The historic building, built in 1918, used to be known as the White Dairy Barn and preserves the many of its original features, including exposed-concrete columns, door framing, and cobblestone surfaces. The bar used to house Tempe favorite Murphy's Pub and the New Oxbow Tavern, and those aren't the only ties to clubs of the past: the (non-working, unfortunately) phone booth used to belong in Valley favorite Buzz Funbar. The bar doesn't solely lean on fond memories, though. The kitschy, bottle-cap-covered walls by the bathroom, vintage beer signs, and full stage all point to a bar that has an identity all its own, with an old-school, relaxed feel. Located just off the Apache/McClintock light-rail stop and across the street from the luxury housing of the Grigio Metro apartment complex, the bar points to a bright future for a section of Tempe that is rife with old memories and ripe for new ones. Read more about Tempe Tavern >>

  • Tempe

    Tempe's Front Porch

    100 South Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281

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