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  • Udinotti Gallery

    Udinotti Gallery

    4215 N. Marshall Way Scottsdale, AZ 85251

  • Undici Undici Art Gallery

    1111 S. Longmore Mesa, AZ 85202-4104

  • Unsung Gallery

    Unsung Gallery

    3602 N. 16th St. Phoenix, AZ 85016
    602-862-8735 This gallery is located inside an awesome vintage store in central Phoenix. Thrifty shoppers will want to come just to check out the merchandise at Universal Furnishings and Offerings and will be lucky to get to experience the Unsung Gallery while they're there. The Unsung Gallery showcases “outsider art,” or art made by an untrained person for no other reason than to exercise creativity. This style of art comes directly from the heart, without a single thought about gallery shows, critics, or patrons. The space has featured a stream of raw, unpretentious creative works, all curated much like the vintage goodies in the store by owner Leonardo Ramirez. Not uncommonly his artists prefer to remain anonymous since he regularly features work by those who live on the outskirts of society — one artist whose work showed in the gallery was disabled but spends his time making diorama light sculptures. Another was diagnosed with schizophrenia and lived at the Arizona State Hospital. And if you think the stories are intriguing, you're definitely going to want to see the art. More >>

  • Upcycle Living

    503 E. Roosevelt St. Phoenix, AZ 85007

  • Urban Adobe Gallery

    610 E. McKinley St. Phoenix, AZ 85004