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  • 422 Fine Furniture and Framing Gallery and Showroom

    422 Fine Furniture and Framing Gallery and Showroom

    4115 N. 44th St. Phoenix, AZ 85018
    602-957-3122 This Valley store not only offers customer framing but also doubles as an art gallery and showroom. 422 Fine Furniture and Framing has done custom framing for many Phoenix area galleries as well as for places in nearby states including for Kim Weston’s center in California. The store also hosts rotating photography shows in their main room and features the work of local artists, for example John Kitts, Randy Efros, Matthew Hojnacki, Rich Coda and other Arizona photographers. During special art events they invite the public to check out the works and hold receptions in conjunction with Phoenix’s Third Friday event. In their office they also have a collection of silver gelatin prints for Alfred Stieglitz and Brett Wilson, two photography legends. And if you’re not into art and don’t need frames you can always enjoy their contemporary furniture designs, which include everything from cabinets and tables to pedestals and book stands. More >>

  • Alchemy Studio

    Alchemy Studio

    4022 E. Cambridge Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85008
    602-914-3356 If you think you're too busy to learn a new art school, guess again. At Alchemy Studio you can get artsy with their one-day workshops conducted in, as they put it, a "small but rich time frame." An eclectic mix of classes ranging from figure drawing and playwriting to hand-sewn scrapbooks and Polaroid transfers (where the emulsion creates a print on non-photographic surfaces) is offered within the convenience of a weekend afternoon. Experienced art professionals teach the seminars, including Mary Virginia Swanson, whose credentials include directing special photo projects for the famous NYC photojournalism collective Magnum. A brand-new space, slated to open later this fall, will house a darkroom and more etching equipment that will allow for additional printmaking techniques and 19th-century photographic processes. So fold your laundry later. You've run out of excuses, pal. More >>

  • Freeman-Whitehurst Group

    5833 N. 30th St. Phoenix, AZ 85016-2401

  • John Tuomisto-Bell Studio

    4013 E. Cambridge Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85008

  • Minerva Art Space

    4546 N. 40th St. Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • Shemer Art Center & Museum

    Shemer Art Center & Museum

    5005 E. Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85018
    602-262-4727 We can all thank Martha Shemer, a longtime Phoenix resident, for this picturesque art museum. Built in the 1920s the stucco home was purchased by Shemer in 1984 at which time she donated the property at no cost to the City of Phoenix. The only condition was that she wanted it to used to house an art education facility. In turning the home into the Shemer Art Center and Museum, she preserved a piece of Phoenix history and gave us all quite a gift. The impressive view of Camelback Mountain alone would be worth recognition, let alone the fact that the center host exhibits in its front room, art class in the kitchen and sculptures in the garden. The entire propert offers a calm, quite retreat with a distinctly enchanted ambiance that always seems to bring out our creativity and imagination. More >>

  • Shemer Art Center and Museum

    5005 E. Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • Sherrie E. Zeitlin Studios

    4926 E. Weldon Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • Ted Decker Catalyst Space

    5948 E. Orange Blossom Lane Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • Unsung Gallery

    Unsung Gallery

    3602 N. 16th St. Phoenix, AZ 85016
    602-862-8735 This gallery is located inside an awesome vintage store in central Phoenix. Thrifty shoppers will want to come just to check out the merchandise at Universal Furnishings and Offerings and will be lucky to get to experience the Unsung Gallery while they're there. The Unsung Gallery showcases “outsider art,” or art made by an untrained person for no other reason than to exercise creativity. This style of art comes directly from the heart, without a single thought about gallery shows, critics, or patrons. The space has featured a stream of raw, unpretentious creative works, all curated much like the vintage goodies in the store by owner Leonardo Ramirez. Not uncommonly his artists prefer to remain anonymous since he regularly features work by those who live on the outskirts of society — one artist whose work showed in the gallery was disabled but spends his time making diorama light sculptures. Another was diagnosed with schizophrenia and lived at the Arizona State Hospital. And if you think the stories are intriguing, you're definitely going to want to see the art. More >>