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  • West Natal Circle

    618 W. Natal Circle Mesa, AZ 85210

  • Willo Home Tour

    Third Ave. and Holly Phoenix, AZ 85003

  • Winter Wonderland

    8414 E. Valley Vista Dr Scottsdale, AZ 85250

  • Wrigley Mansion

    Wrigley Mansion

    2501 E. Telawa Trail Phoenix, AZ 85016
    602-955-4079 Chewing gum -- and the man most closely identified with the sticky-sweet stuff, William Wrigley Jr. -- built this lovely, 1930s-vintage manse that overlooks the area surrounding the Arizona Biltmore from atop a patrician, 100-foot bluff; the palatial digs were a golden-wedding-anniversary present from WW to his wife, Ada. Prepackaged meat by-product keeps the place going, though, in the form of Geordie Hormel, the so-called "Son of Spam," who's turned the facility into a private club and formal eatery. More >>