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  • FilmBar


    815 N. 2nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85004
    602-595-9187 FilmBar doesn't just have the lock down on the hippest indie and foreign film screenings. The theater's lounge is a fully functioning bar, featuring DJs, live music and a carefully selected menu of import and domestic beers. Standard brews have no place in the bar, which favors full bodied dark beers and tasty pints of Boddingtons. The entertainment tends to be as eclectic as the movies, with ensembles like Haunted Cologne (polka-punk) taking the stage, and DJs offering up world-music cuts. The bar's Middle Eastern decor is perfect for kicking back, either in the high backed couches or on the floor, beanbag style. More >>

  • Fox Tucson Theatre

    Fox Tucson Theatre

    17 W. Congress Tucson, AZ 85701
    520-624-1515 This historic theater has The Fox Theater Foundation to thank for its continued existence. The non-profit organization was created in 1999 for the sole purpose of restoring the theater and returning it to the Tucson community. Construction of the theater began in August 1929, though originally the theater was to be named the Tower Theater. It was meant to be a jewel of the Tucson downtown district and cost a total $300,000 to construct; it was designed as a vaudeville and movie house with a full fly-lost and dressing rooms beneath the stage. Eventually the changing times lead to the theater's decay though it was spared from destruction until residents came to return it to it's former glory. Now the theater hosts concerts, fundraisers, film screenings and live performances. More >>