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  • Phoenix Theatre

    Phoenix Theatre

    100 E. McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85004

  • Phoenix Theatre

    Phoenix Theatre's Little Theatre

    100 E. McDowell Phoenix, AZ 85004
    602-254-2151 Originally founded in 1920 as the Phoenix Players, the Phoenix Theater is not only the oldest arts organization in the state but also one of the oldest in the country. Before finding permanent home the Players performed at schools and in backyards and in 1924 were offered the Heard family's old coach house on Central and McDowell. It was then renamed the Phoenix Little Theater. Nowadays at that same location you'll find the thriving center of the city's arts and cultural area including the Phoenix Art Museum and Phoenix Library. The Phoenix Little Theater was renamed the Phoenix Theater in 1981and in 2006 the city made plans for millions of dollars in renovations to the facilites. Not that the changes will be able to get rid of the band of dramatic ghosts who are rumored to haunt the performance space. More >>

  • Playhouse on the Park

    Playhouse on the Park

    1850 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004
    602-254-2151 x 4

  • Por Vida Gallery

    Por Vida Gallery

    2800 N. 16th St. Phoenix, AZ 85006

  • Pride Parade

    E. Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ 85012

  • Promenade Shopping Center

    16427 N. Scottsdale Road Phoenix, AZ 85034

  • Roosevelt Row

    300 E. Roosevelt St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

  • The Sagrado

    1023 Grand Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85007

  • Scorpius Dance Theatre

    Scorpius Dance Theatre

    1700 N. 7th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85007
    602-266-9698 Founded by choreographer Lisa Starry in 1999, this contemporary dance troupe has definitely got all the right moves. Scorpius Dance Theater is known for high energy works of dance that can be everything from sexy to humorous and always kick ass. They're known for their annual presentation of “A Vampire's Tale,” which has been compared the ballet “The Nutcracker” – except closely related to Halloween instead of Christmas. Starry also coordinates the Kick-A Choreographers Showcase, which highlights the talents of Arizona and western state dancers and choreographers. The concept is modeled after the highly-acclaimed Choreographer's Carnival. More >>

  • Soul Invictus Gallery & Cabaret

    Soul Invictus Gallery & Cabaret

    1022 Grand Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85007
    N/A While the front portion of this Grand Avenue favorite serves as an art gallery, the back area is a spacious music venue and theatre. An large stage provides a performance zone for rock acts, various Valley theater groups, and performance artists. Patrons take in the onstage action while sipping coffee and soda at several small tables scattered around the joint. More >>

  • Space 55 Theatre

    Space 55 Theatre

    636 E. Pierce St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

  • Stand Up Live

    Stand Up Live

    50 W. Jefferson St. Phoenix, AZ 85003
    480-719-6100 Comedy and cocktails are classic combination. Depending on the night's talent, sometimes you want a drink and sometimes you need a drink. But considering the host of big names at CityScape's Stand Up Live, you'll probably go with the former. Owned by next door live music purveyors Copper Blues, Stand Up Live takes a cue from its boozier neighbors with a long list of drink options including beer, wine and liquor in a cool, dark, theatre setting. Don't expect to see the bar for yourself, though. Friendly, whispering servers come to each of the venue's tables and quietly take orders, as not to accidentally heckle the comedians on stage. Then, they head to a back room where drinks are mixed and classily brought out on serving trays. Quick service and quality selection make Stand Up Live an easy venue to reach the two drink minimum. More >>

  • Stray Cat Theatre

    Stray Cat Theatre

    1121 N. 1st St. Phoenix, AZ 85004
    480-634-6435 Stray Cat Theater gives fair warning to theater-goers that they're not afraid to say it all in order to push the boundaries of theatrical art. For the last ten years they've been forging ahead in the local theater scene; they make their home at Tempe Center for the Arts. The indie theater troupe specializes in provocative theater that could be described as experimental or alternative, though they prefer not to be labeled the latter. It's a quirky, edgy and irreverent experience and they push themselves to explore the boundaries of theatrical possibility with every season. That means also provoking, challenging and sometimes jolting the audience as well, pushing them to experience live theater in a fresh new way. The troupe aims to attract a younger audience with doses of cussing and sex that might offend an easily offended crowd. And they don't back down from typically taboo topics. Past shows have put the spot light on Scientology, Columbine and other sensitive material. More >>

  • Studio PHX

    323 E. McKinley St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

  • Symphony Hall

    Symphony Hall

    75 N. 2nd. St. Phoenix, AZ 85003
    602-262-7272 The 2,500-capacity venue is home base to the Phoenix Symphony, Arizona Opera, and various special events and bookings. More >>

  • The Torch Theatre

    The Torch Theatre

    4721 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85012
    602-751-4862 Since 2007 the Torch Theater has been doing long-form improv in the Valley of the Sun. The troupe formed when local performance troupes Apollo 12, Galapagos, Remainders, Mail Order Bride, Light Rail Pirates, Phoenix Neutrino Project, and Dangerville came together to perform on a regular basis and offer classes and workshops.Headed by board members Bill Binder, Jose Gonzalez, Jacque Arend, Sam Haldiman, Nina Miller, Mack Duncan, Shane Shannon, and Tommy Schaeffer, the troupe proves comedy is about making you laugh almost as much as it about making you think. In 2011 they found and settled into a permanent home on Central, in a space vacated by an old hair salon. The Central Phoenix Theater is the first in Arizona dedicated specifically to long-form improv. In addition to performances, the troupe organizes events such as the Tempe Improv Festival, tournaments and classes. Performers in the group have performed at Improvaganza/the Honolulu Improv Festival, Austin's Out of Bounds Comedy Festival and the well-known Chicago Improv Festival. More >>

  • Valley Youth Theatre

    Valley Youth Theatre

    525 N. First St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

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