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  • Actors Theatre

    Actors Theatre

    5110 N. 44th St. Phoenix, AZ 85018
    602-253-6701 For decades the Valley's Actors Theater has delivered theater-goers consistently high-quality professional theater productions. They recently managed to save themselves from financial peril and it's quite a boon to the local theater and arts scenes. For 26 seasons the company served as the resident theater troupe of the Herberger Theater Center in downtown Phoenix, but have relocated and will continue their performances at stages throughout the Valley. Artistic Director Matthew Weiner and company deliver some of the best work Phoenix theater lovers have the chance to see at home including Susan Claassen's excellent impersonation of the famous Hollywood costume designer in A Conversation with Edith Head. More >>

  • Ballet Arizona

    2835 E. Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • Celebrity Theatre

    Celebrity Theatre

    440 N. 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85008
    602-267-1600 The venerated Celebrity Theatre is truly unequaled amongst Valley concert venues, not only for its unique theatre-in-the-round setup, where no seat is more than 70 feet from the action, and rotating stage, but also because a big chunk of local music history has taken place within its walls over the past 50 years. Since opening in 1963, the 2650-seat venue is currently one of the longest-running concert halls in Phoenix and has featured gigs by some of the biggest names from the pantheon of rock ‘n’ roll. The late Frank Zappa, for instance, put on a memorable performance with the Mothers of Invention in 1974, while Guns ‘N’ Roses visited during the apex of the hair metal era in 1988, and Limp Bizkit took over the joint just prior to the beginning of the late-1990s nu-metal boom. The Celebrity has also hosted such comedy legends as Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, and Chris Rock during its five decades of existence. More >>

  • Celebrity Theatre

    Celebrity Theatre

    440 N. 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85008-6205

  • Dance Theater West Studio

    3295 E. Indian School Road Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • El Zaribah Shrine Auditorium

    552 N. 40th St. Phoenix, AZ 85008

  • Lee & Patricia Sepanek's Holiday Lights

    4415 E. Calle Tuberia Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • Lund Center for the Performing Arts

    3102 N. 56th St. Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • Shriners Auditorium

    552 N. 40th St. Phoenix, AZ 85008

  • Studio One Performing Arts Center

    4520 E. Thomas Phoenix, AZ 85018

  • Sun City Poms

    3401 E. Mcdowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85008-3845

  • Teatro Bravo!

    Teatro Bravo!

    4211 E. Palm Lane Phoenix, AZ 85008
    602-258-1800 For more than a decade Teatro Bravo has been producing plays that tell the complex story of the Latin American experience in the United States. The ethnic theater troupe performs in both Spanish and English, making it a mission to employ and develop the emerging talents of the Valley's Latino actors, directors, playwrights and designers. Though the material always relates back to the Latino-American experience, Teatro Bravo's shows are by no means narrow in scope of topic. They've produced everything from socially conscious stories of contemporary people to biographies of public figures, and then again it could be something funny, a well-loved classic or even an artistic spectacle. More >>