24-Hour Theatre Project

24-Hour Theatre Project

Courtesy of Phoenix Theatre


Past Event

Location Info:

Phoenix Theatre
100 E. McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ  85004
We’ve described Phoenix Theatre’s annual 24-Hour Theatre Project as “vicarious torture,” “manic,” “moving and hysterical,” and “always popular.” All 100 percent accurate and objective. Normally part of the springtime Caleb Reese Festival of New Plays and Musicals, the project revisits its historic midsummer time slot this year, providing something phenomenal to do in August.

It’s a snowball of creativity, starting with a band of clueless actors and playwrights and crashing into an evening of new 10-minute plays, memorized and fully staged. You’ll have no idea what you’re going to see, but it should comfort you to know that mere hours ago, the writers and cast were in the same boat. The results tend to include a lot of laughs and “hold my beer” moments.


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