All Art Arizona 2017

White Sands, New Mexico (p2-142) by Ryuijie


Past Event

Location Info:

Ryan Gallery
207 N Gilbert Rd, Suite #201-A
Gilbert, Arizona  85234
From photography’s long history of using the camera to document and study the world around us, we look at the varying perspectives of ten 20th and 21st century photographers who have continued to use their art to ask the question, What is this?

On exhibit in Ryan Gallery are selected collectible, hand-crafted fine art prints from the artists David Emitt Adams, Dick Arentz, Edna Bullock, Wynn Bullock, Imogen Cunningham, Randy Efros, William W. Fuller, Rondal Partridge, Ryuijie, and J. Barry Thomson. You can view this dynamic range of work during the exhibition and also by appointment.


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