Apache Lake Music Festival 2016


Past Event

Location Info:

Apache Lake Marina & Resort
State Highway 88 at Forest Road 183
Roosevelt, AZ  85545
With Spafford, Banana Gun, Decker., Black Bottom Lighters, Japhy's Descent, Blacktop Chalk, Ruca, Brothers Gow, Luna Aura, 2 Tone Lizard Kings, Endoplasmic, Dreams and Doorways, Sinister 7 & Ebinezer (on Oct. 21); & Sara Robinson, Captain Squeegee, Bear Ghost, Dry River Yacht Club, The Haymarket Squares, Gate and Wilderness, The Sugar Thieves, Lilith Sleeps, Taylor Upsahl, Wyves, Dirty Dre's Random Raunchy Revue, Harper and The Moths, The Copper States, Dr. Delicious, The Brothers Collective & The Woodworks (on Oct. 22)
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