Dance Lessons

Katie Johnson

It's probably fair to suggest that there aren't two subcultures more distantly spread across the social spectrum than country music fans and the LGBT community. Or are there? For several years now, Phoenix's Cash Inn Country, 2140 East McDowell Road, has been catering to a demographic that many of us were completely unaware even existed: gay country music fans. And heck, if it takes a humble Phoenix bar to challenge the smallness of our social stereotypes, so be it. Sure, George Jones might be rolling over in his grave, but it's 2014. And even though our state came dangerously close to legislating otherwise, Saba still sells Wranglers to anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. Incidentally, you'll see plenty of Ws on the dance floor if you make it down to Cash's dancing lessons on Thursday nights at 8 p.m.

On Thursday, July 17, instructor Chandelle will give out free tips on how to dance the line, although it'll hardly be a straight one. Visit or call 602-244-9943 for details.

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