“Future Arcana”

Courtesy of Lisa Sette Gallery


Past Event

Location Info:

Lisa Sette Gallery
210 E. Catalina Dr.
Phoenix, AZ  85012
Gallerist Lisa Sette is marking the year’s diurnal progression toward a darker season with an exhibition of work that resonates with what she calls “our present moment of ecological and moral uncertainty.” The exhibition features Phoenix artist Rachel Bess, as well as the collaborative duo Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. Each conjures historical and retrofuturist aesthetics of the occult, drawing on the fantastic and unknown to address cultural upheaval.

Bess paints oil portraits whose subjects reflect both contemporary times and an enchanted time beyond history. Kahn and Selesnik work in photo collage, creating scenes that blur the boundaries between current anxieties and their historical antecedents. For Sette, these places of darkness beckon with compelling beauty and seductive whimsy.


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