Mac Sabbath

Photo by Paul Koudounaris Mac Sabbath


Past Event

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Crescent Ballroom
308 N. 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ  85003
Halloween comes early this year with a lineup of garishly cartoonish bands who are just as visually striking as they are musically gory. Mac Sabbath’s brilliant McDonald’s-themed costumes are so colorfully authentic and wacky that they sometimes distract from the local group’s spot-on Black Sabbath tributes and seriously morbid lyrics about the horrors of factory farming and synthetically processed food. PPL MVR dress up as furry, apelike yetis, but they also crank out propulsive hard rock mixed with unexpectedly jangly alt-pop interludes such as “Annie.” B-movie actor Dukey Flyswatter has been gushing rivers of fake blood with sinister metal-punks Haunted Garage since the mid-’80s, although he’s shedding real tears now after the recent death of his former onstage foil, Duchess de Sade. Meanwhile, campy costumed cutups Radioactive Chicken Heads are more goofy than scary. By Falling James
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