Past Event

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
4955 S. Arizona Ave.
Chandler, AZ  85248
Last year’s movie musical La La Land won over audiences with a charming love story set in the City of Dreams. Fifteen years earlier, David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive also told a Los Angeles-centric romance, but no one dances on air or bursts out in song (despite an appearance by Billy Ray Cyrus). The avant-garde masterpiece, which is being rereleased with a 4K restoration, concerns an amnesiac actress investigating the circumstances surrounding the car accident she was in on the film’s iconic street. Things get weird with cowboys, ill-intentioned senior citizens, lip-synching flamenco performers, and mysterious men lurking in dumpsters. You won’t be humming the soundtrack afterward, but the film’s mysteries will continue to unravel long after the credits roll.


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