<i>Rasheeda Speaking</i>

Laura Durant


Past Event

Nobody’s perfect, in case you hadn’t noticed. You can be oppressed and, at the same time, obnoxious. You can simultaneously exhibit pain and privilege. Playwright Joel Drake Johnson illustrates that ambiguity in Rasheeda Speaking, a 2015 drama that continues through Sunday, October 23, at the Helen K. Mason Performing Arts Center, 1333 East Washington Street. Black Theatre Troupe’s production stars phenomenal Valley actors Lillie Richardson, Katie McFadzen, Joseph Kremer, and Pamela Fields. It’s directed by Matthew Wiener, who we remember fondly from Actors Theatre.

The story focuses on two women employed in the office of a successful Chicago surgeon. As Ileen and Jaclyn bump up against each other professionally, how much of the conflict is racial? Can any of it not be racial? What will happen next is, in this script, generally a surprise. For tickets, $36, visit blacktheatretroupe.org or call 602-258-8129. Showtime on Friday, October 21, is 8 p.m.


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